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What we can all do
Consider the environment

Our endangered animals

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What we can all do

Consider the environment

Tell us, Prof. Konica Minolta! Why consider the environment?

Because animal extinction is a result of environmental problems
Now, the global environment is getting gradually worse. To save animals from extinction, we need to act to improve environmental conditions around the world. More than ever before, each one of us must make the effort to study about the environment, and consider what we can do.

What all of us can do

Do research on the internet or at the library

There are many books and website for kids about the environment. Find out what you can do to help the global environment.

Challenge yourself to be environmentally active!

From getting involved with recycling activities to joining a national park patrol, there are many things that kids can do to contribute to environmental efforts.

Talk with others

Try discussing what you've read and what you've experienced in volunteering with your friends and family. This will make everybody's environmental consideration that much deeper.

Consider this idea!
I research one new environmental problem every week. Start by looking into whether PET bottles or paper packs are more environmentally efficient!

We're doing our part too! Konica Minolta's plan

Supporting efforts for creating forests and nature

Konica Minolta is actively participating in environmental activities and support for nature reserves and the development of forests. Our employees also visit elementary schools to teach about recycling and reusability techniques which they have learned on the job.

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