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Mutsugi Elementary School, Adachi Ward, Tokyo

Our endangered animals

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What we can all do

Gake-river splish-splash project! "We want to play in the Gake river again!"

6th grade - Mutsugi Elementary School, Adachi Ward, Tokyo


There is a stream that runs next to our school that we all love. We want to clean it up and make it into a stream where we can all splash around. So, every year, the 6th grade students take part in the "Gake-river splish-splash project".

First of all, we have to learn about the stream. We decided "It would be great to increase the amount of wildlife in the stream."

June - How is the stream doing now?

We are watching the stream and mapping our observations. We knew the water was dirty but were surprised by the smell. There was some garbage on the footpath next to the stream. But we were still able to see many kinds of creatures living in the stream.

There were many microorganisms in the stream. The minnows that we got in class are growing healthy in the science room aquarium.

October - Getting close to the problems of the stream

Officers from the ward office taught us a class about the stream. We learned how the stream gets dirty, and about the different kinds of fish. We felt that we learned a lot about the problems in the stream.

We discussed how we were going to reach our future goal.

December - January - This is the future stream!

Using the things we have seen and learned, we each presented our ideas on how we want the stream to be as our "Future Plans."
Then, we'll talk about what we can do for the future of the stream.

February - Final project decision day

We decided what to do! We are going to break into groups and pick up garbage, test the water quality, and make posters. There was also a group with the idea of a stamp rally, to teach the students in lower grades about the stream.

Gake-river Card Game
A game designed to teach many people about the stream environment.

Making Acrylic Sponges
In order to lower the use of soaps, we will hand out free sponges with pamphlets.

Checking Water Quality
Looking at the results, we can see that the water is still dirty.

Picking up Garbage
We picked up empty cans and plastic bags. One group picked up dead leaves that can cause sludge.

From the school to parents and other adults - Outline of the activitiesMutsugi Elementary School, Adachi Ward, Tokyo

At Mutsugi Elementary School, we've made a special class for this stream project since 2003. Thinking over the ideas and efforts of the neighborhood, every year the 6th graders have done whatever they can do for this project.
In the past, the students have taught the senior community how to make acrylic sponges. They have heard lectures from people in the ward office and the National Science Museum as well as from older people in the community, who told them what the stream environment used to be like.
These activities are passed on from senior students to junior students.

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