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What we can all do
Hitakatsu Elementary School, Tsushima city, Nagasaki

Our endangered animals

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What we can all do

Hey! Let's make forest for the Tsushima Cat!

4th – 6th graders - Hitakatsu Elementary School, Tsushima city, Nagasaki


The Tsushima Cat only lives in Tsushima, and people worry about its extinction. From the 4th grade to the 6th grade, for three years we made new forest for the Tsushima Cat.

Our work from 4th grade to 6th grade  Grow acorns, make a forest!

The Tsushima Cat is becoming extinct, because the forest is becoming smaller. Then we made a plan to grow acorns and make a forest. It takes over 2 years to grow acorn trees. In 4th grade we began caring for the acorns, and in 6th grade winter we planted the trees to make a new forest.

5th grade -journal...."The acorns are getting eaten by deer and martens. It's safe under small trees so we moved the acorns."

We will plant the acorn trees just the winter before graduation. We took good care of the acorn trees for a long time and now they are ready to go.

At the wildlife protection agency we can see the Tsushima Cat close up for the first time!

Our work from 4th grade to 6th grade  What the Tsushima Cat is like

We studied the Tsushima Cat's home and his extinction at the wildlife protection agency. Also, we studied their droppings and footprint patterns. We put the bones from the droppings together and found mice or birds. Surprise!

Our work from 4th grade  I want more people to know about the Tsushima Cat

We want to show everybody about the Tsushima Cat, and we made a newspaper project and report for our school. We got together and showed younger students our work; why the lynx's ecosystem is becoming smaller, our planting of acorn trees, what we studied, and what we felt.

To show a lot of people about the Tsushima Cat, and we made a newspaper project.

In February, 4th grade, we gave the report to younger students, their friends, and their parents.

From the school to parents and other adults  Outline of the activitiesHitakatsu Elementary School, Tsushima city, Nagasaki

We almost have no chance to see wildlife, but as children of Tsushima, we feel that the Tsushima Cat is a symbol of this island. This work helped us to know the Tsushima Cat and gave us pride for the nature of Tsushima.
We really felt that this work is not only good for the Tsushima Cat, but also smaller animals on the island, and making the sea great again. We felt that everything in Tsushima is connected to nature.
After graduating, some of us joined the same volunteer group "Tsushima Cat squad", the same group that helped us, and we are still working to protect the Tsushima Cat.

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