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Contact Us 17 November 2017

Autumn edition is live!

What’s the best way to learn about recent practices and insights at Konica Minolta?
Global Magazine. In the summer, our improved group newsletter was reborn online with a new design and purpose: to deliver easy-to-read content that defines Konica Minolta’s mission and goals. Take a peek at the latest autumn issue to see what’s going on and what’s in the works.



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Discover what’s happening and what’s next

Hear the ins and outs of the best of the best. From new ways to visualize gas and smells to improved manufacturing methods in factories — the winners of this year’s Transform Award clear the path to innovative value creation for our clients and society at large. Their proactive spirits are essential to achieving transformation at Konica Minolta.




See the Workplace Hub in Motion

Take a quick tour of the tech trade show, CEATEC JAPAN 2017 to catch our partner’s perspectives on Konica Minolta’s new IoT platform. In October, we hosted panel sessions with insights from our partners Soliton, Cisco, and Microsoft, on how Workplace Hub can help shape the future of a more productive work environment.





Automotive Industry

Hear from three key figures to see all the ways Konica Minolta is shaping the next stage of the automotive industry. Autonomous driving supported by new tech is just the beginning.


A Brief Look

go insight

go insight sheds new light on in-store customer purchasing behavior with innovative image analysis and AI technology.


And more…

6 Values – RSNA

Creating faster diagnoses while remaining practical and cost-effective — check out Konica Minolta’s award-winning, dynamic chest radiography technology.


CR newsletter – Brazil

By combining MFPs and in-house portal software, Business Solutions Brazil (BBR) drives effective in-house practices from the customer’s perspective.



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Readers! We want to hear from you. Let’s open up a two-way dialogue about your views and opinions on product-related articles, clients, enterprises and research. The Group Newsletter is a joint-effort by each and every teammate to bring together news and developments at Konica Minolta all in one place. New ideas are always welcome and appreciated.


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