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Say hello to the new winter edition!

The best way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on and what’s coming up at Konica Minolta is here. Continuing what started in the summer of 2017, Global Magazine’s winter edition expresses Konica Minolta’s mission and goals in a freshly designed, easy-to-read package. Download the PDF here, or check out what’s featured below.



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Partners from 53 countries joined KM at the European Leadership Campus

Creating new value in the constantly-changing IoT era made simple with face-to-face talks and in-depth discussions at Konica Minolta’s European Leadership Campus in Berlin. Andy Slawestsky, an industry analyst, put it perfectly, “The ELC was a strong statement about Konica Minolta. They are forging ahead in some daring new directions…defining how the office may/will look someday…”




KM designated long-term, quality investment by DJSI World

Based on industry-specific criteria, KM was classified as one of the world-leaders in Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) by the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) — and the world’s investment community is taking notice. Learn why investments in sustainable companies that produce higher corporate value over a longer period of time is the future.




Drone-based farming solutions with joint venture, FarmEye

Using drone-based remote sensing technologies to increase farming profits through better-managed and higher-quality soil and crops — this is the goal of Konica Minolta’s joint venture, FarmEye. See what’s next for the commercial farming industry.



Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg visits TENKU for Space Conference

The Konica Minolta Planetarium was the chosen venue for the Luxembourg-Japan Space Conference, and The Grand Duke of Luxembourg was in attendance. The result? Strengthened partnerships between both countries and commitments to exploring new opportunities and research in space development.



Safer communities with precise surveillance technologies

Discover how Konica Minolta is enabling safer and more secure communities through sophisticated 3D Laser Radar and image analysis — plus deep learning applications to prevent traffic accidents.


And more…

A Brief Look — HS1

Catch a quick glimpse of the latest and greatest in ultrasound technologies for fast and accurate medical diagnosis.


6 Values — Supporting Value-added Textiles

Our 6 values realized in the Nassenger Pro 120 – the world-class innovative printer and support structure – helping to produce printed textiles that are both functional and stylish.


CR Newsletter — China

Read about all the ways Konica Minolta is expanding and strengthening client relationships through environmental management in China.



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