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Doesn’t the quality of recycled plastic vary widely?
Konica Minolta uses the raw materials for PCR materials to materials that are replaced often and that have relatively little degradation, so there is little variability in physical properties, ensuring physical properties that are nearly equivalent to those of virgin plastic.
Isn’t obtaining a consistent supply of recycled plastic difficult?
The raw materials Konica Minolta uses in our recycled plastic (waste materials collected from the market) are procured through unique routes in partnership with partner companies and include materials with little degradation, such as the interior components of gaming machines, water gallon jugs, and milk bottles.
This is why we have been able to consistently use recycled plastic with physical properties on par with those of virgin plastic for over a decade since we started using recycled plastic in our multifunction copiers in 2011.
What are the advantages of using recycled plastic?
Transforming trash that causes marine pollution into an effective resource makes a significant contribution to the environment.
As an example, the quality of Konica Minolta’s toner bottles is on par with that of virgin plastic (petroleum-based plastic) and the bottles reduce CO2 emissions by about 50%.
Isn’t recycled plastic more costly than virgin plastic?
As with virgin plastic, the price of recycled plastic fluctuates with the price of crude oil, which may result in higher costs in some cases.
However, we have arranged our own procurement routes in partnership with partner companies, so prices fluctuate less than with virgin plastic, and past trends indicate that the price is, on average, on par with that of virgin plastic.

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Why was the management structure reorganized?
In today's commercial printing market, offset printing is the mainstream. Offset printing, which requires plates to be made, has the advantage of being able to achieve large-volume printing at low cost, but it is not suitable for small-volume printing. We have focused on this point and have been developing and selling digital printing machines that can output "just the number you want when you want it" on demand. As a result, we have acquired our position today.

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