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    Digital Radiography

  • Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR)
    DDR is a revolutionary technology to evaluate anatomical movement and to help clinicians assess body function.
    DDR is able to capture and display a "Cine-loop" to analyze body movement, and in the most basic of terms, an "X-Ray in Motion."
  • AeroDR® HD Wireless Flat Panel Detector
    HD detector provides high definition imaging and heightened clarity enabling detailed analysis of small structures.
  • REALISM™ Digital Image Processing
    Enhances clarity for more realistic image presentation.
  • KDR™ AU System Advanced U-Arm
    Offers versatility, automated workflow and superior quality for compact spaces.
  • AeroRemote™ Insights
    Provides advanced monitoring and interactive analytic reporting for planning and proactive management of DR assets.
  • Ultrasound

  • SONIMAGE® HS1 Compact Ultrasound System
    The HS1 System has advanced MSK functionality with superior image detail and contrast resolution to support increased diagnostic confidence at the point-of-care. Do more with ultrasound.
  • SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound System
    The MX1 System enables physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance, and monitor rehabilitation. The light weight, portable system can be used in outpatient point-of-care services, offices and any remote setting.
  • J5 Ultrasound System
    The J5 Ultrasound System offers touchscreen simplicity and intuitive workflow with focused musculoskeletal (MSK) exams in a compact, portable footprint.
  • TenJet®
    The TenJet System, in conjunction with a Konica Minolta Ultrasound System, enables an ultrasound guided, percutaneous Tenotomy and fasciotomy treatment to target the source of chronic tendon pain. A minimally invasive, reimbursable procedure to debride diseased tissue while sparing healthy tissue.
  • Healthcare IT

  • Exa™ Enterprise Imaging
    The only enterprise imaging solution with Server-Side Rendering, Zero Footprint viewer and a single integrated database.


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