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Konica Minolta Launches “CSR Logistics” as First Initiative in Japan with Full-fledged EICC Standards: Joint Initiative with DHL Supply Chain to Support Local Logistic Service Providers’ CSR Activities

Tokyo (July 13, 2015) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that it is launching “CSR Logistics,” a new CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative, jointly with DHL Supply Chain Ltd. (DHL Supply Chain) to support the logistics service providers’ CSR activities. “CSR Logistics” that uses internationally recognized EICC’s* standards in full scale is first in its kind in Japan.

*EICC (Electric Industry Citizenship Coalition): An organization promoting CSR in electronics industry

Scope of Supply Chain CSR Expands

In addition to CSR procurement it has practiced over the years, Konica Minolta is expanding the scope of its CSR activities across the supply chain toward “CSR Logistics.” Through cooperation with business partners, the company will grapple with enhancement of various initiatives and improvements in aspects such as human rights, ethics, health and safety, and environmental consideration in the logistics stage. These joint efforts with business partners will contribute to solving social challenges and providing shared values to broader society, and will help enhancement of corporate values across Konica Minolta and business partners in the supply chain as companies vital to society.

“CSR Logistics” Overview

DHL Supply Chain and its contract logistics service providers in Japan will promote CSR activities aligned with Konica Minolta Supplier Code of Conduct and deliver continuous improvements in operational performance. Jointly working with DHL Supply Chain, Konica Minolta will assist such improvement activities of the local logistics service providers.

Konica Minolta Supplier Code of Conduct is aligned with EICC code of conduct, which has been highly recognized in the global society and very comprehensive in all of its five sections: labor, health and safety, environment, ethics and management system. Utilizing the EICC programs into “CSR Logistics,” this new initiative is designed to support business partners’ independent CSR activities based on the high-level standards with international recognition. It is first of its kind in Japan that logistics service providers work on CSR assessment survey of over 400 questions covering EICC standards in full scale.

The new initiative is launched in July 2015. A joint briefing session to communicate the initiative to logistics service providers will be held on July 13 in Tokyo by Konica Minolta and DHL Supply Chain.


Social demand has been increasing for enhancement of CSR activities including human rights, ethics, and health and safety. Working together with suppliers as vital business partners, Konica Minolta has been practicing CSR procurement since fiscal year 2009. In October 2013, the company joined the EICC to further strengthen its efforts. With approximately 100 global electronic manufacturers and major suppliers in the membership, EICC has common tools to drive CSR activities in the supply chain. Konica Minolta has made use of the EICC’s systems and tools to improve the overall quality and productivity in CSR procurement and accumulated know-how through the joint efforts with its many existing suppliers. In the fiscal year 2015 and going forward, Konica Minolta is well positioned to share its CSR procurement know-how with logistics providers and translate it into the logistic stage, and will make progress to extend the scope of promotion of CSR activities in the supply chain. To achieve that goal, it is essential and important for Konica Minolta to work with DHL Supply Chain, as Lead Logistics Provider* for logistics in Japan, and make most of the extensive expertise and deep insight of DHL Supply Chain in developing and driving the new “CSR Logistics” initiative. Preparation to launch the initiative has been jointly made by the two companies.

*Lead Logistics Provider provides comprehensive strategic and value-added supply chain logistics services, including the design, and planning of all its logistics operations.

Going forward, under the brand proposition “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Konica Minolta will continue improving overall quality and transparency of CSR activities in the supply chain, aligned with social requirements.

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