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Konica Minolta Establishes “Basic Policy on Corporate Governance”

Tokyo (September 30, 2015) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce establishment of “Basic Policy on Corporate Governance.”

Konica Minolta’s Initiatives on Corporate Governance

Konica Minolta believes that corporate governance should contribute to sustainable corporate growth and increased corporate value over the medium to long term by encouraging appropriate risk-taking as part of management execution and that it is also necessary to set up and manage a highly effective supervisory function. Based on the belief, Konica Minolta has established a corporate governance system from the standpoint of the supervisory side. As part of its institutional design in accordance with the Companies Act, Konica Minolta selected, in 2003, the “company with committees” system (now, a “company with three committees” system) and established a system that eliminated dependency on personal characteristics, thereby pursuing governance in a style specific to Konica Minolta.
The company’s basic position on the corporate governance system is as follows:

  • Separate supervision and execution of management and enhance the supervisory function to assist growth of the corporate value.
  • Select independent outside directors who are able to exercise supervision from the shareholders’ viewpoint.
  • Improve transparency, soundness and efficiency of the management based on the above.

Overview of “Basic Policy on Corporate Governance”

Since Japan’s Corporate Governance Code (Code) took effect in June 2015, Konica Minolta has restructured its corporate governance initiatives and established “Basic Policy on Corporate Governance” in line with the five general principles of the Code.

For stakeholders, Konica Minolta’s “Basic Policy on Corporate Governance” is available on its website at: