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Konica Minolta Launches Two Spectrophotometer Models Tailored to the Needs for Color Control of Automobile Exterior and Interior Parts

Tokyo (September 28, 2016) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that it will launch the CM-25cG, a spectrophotometer dedicated for color control of automobile interior parts, on October 7, 2016, and the CM-M6, a multi-angle spectrophotometer for color control of automobile exterior parts, on October 26. Konica Minolta will exhibit these two models at K 2016: The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, an industrial fair where the latest technologies and products from around the world are showcased, held in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 19, 2016.

Main features

CM-M6: Multi-angle spectrophotometer capable of evaluating colors of automobile exterior parts at production sites with constant stability

This model can evaluate the colors of automobile exterior parts with curved surfaces, such as the main body and bumper, with high accuracy at all times.
Designed to better meet customer needs for higher evaluation accuracy and greater user-friendliness, this model delivers higher added value to users at production sites.


1. Higher evaluation accuracy

The CM-M6 illuminates object surfaces from one angle and receives the reflected light from six angles, enabling users to obtain more evaluation data than the previous three-angle model (CM-512m3A) and better evaluate metallic and pearlescent coatings that are usually difficult to control.

2. Double-path optical system for stable measurement of curved surfaces

The CM-M6 employs a double-path optical system incorporating a duplicate light-emitting/light-receiving system that is horizontally flipped. The system offsets errors in measuring light reflected from tilted sample surfaces, thus ensuring greater stability in the measurement of curved surfaces with a radius of approx. 300 mm.

3. Ability to measure small surfaces

While the minimum measurement area of the previous model is 12 mm in diameter, the CM-M6 can measure a surface area as small as 6 mm in diameter.

4. Higher user-friendliness

Due to its vertically long shape, compact size and light weight of only 1.1 kg, the CM-M6 can be easily held and stably operated with one hand.

CM-M6 can be stably used with one hand. (CM-M6)

CM-25cG: A “two-in-one” type spectrophotometer for interior parts that can evaluate both color and gloss at the same time

The CM-25cG can evaluate both the color and gloss of various kinds of automobile interior parts at the same time with high accuracy. Meeting customer needs in terms of measurement area, appearance configuration, and user-friendliness, this model sets a new industrial standard with its enhanced measurement speed and unparalleled stability.


1. A “two-in-one” type spectrophotometer

The CM-25cG can simultaneously evaluate both color and gloss in just one second, thus maximizing the efficiency of measuring a large quantity of samples.

2. High measurement accuracy, ideal for the automobile supply chain

Due to very little inter-instrument variation, this model can be used across the entire automobile supply chain from manufacturers of component parts to those of finished products.
For color evaluation, inter-instrument variation is guaranteed to be within ⊿E* 0.15 (average of 12 colors in the BCRA color tile set).
For gloss evaluation, inter-instrument variation is guaranteed to be within ⊿GU 0.2 (in the measurement of samples whose GU ranges from 1 to 10).

3. Enhanced measurement capability

The measuring diameter can be switched between 8 mm and 3 mm for evaluation of color, and between 10 mm and 3 mm for evaluation of gloss, enabling users to evaluate color and gloss of small surface areas. This model is especially effective for measuring interior parts with curved surfaces.

4. Higher user-friendliness

The body of the CM-25cG is designed specifically for measuring automobile interior parts. With buttons on both sides, this model enables users, whether right-handed or left-handed, to measure the samples easily in any orientation.

The CM-25cG can even measure the dashboard under where the windshield slopes down. (CM-25cG)

Support for both models will be provided worldwide to cater to the needs of global customers.

Under the medium-term business plan, TRANSFORM 2016, Konica Minolta is striving to deliver optimal solutions to customers and facilitate the transformation to a more customer-centric way of business. The Sensing Business Unit has been offering high-quality products and solutions to customers around the world to support the entire process of manufacturing from R&D to production, as a leading manufacturer of instruments for evaluating object color and light-source color. The two new models are designed specifically for customers in the automobile industry, with a view to delivering more specific solutions to measurement needs and enhancing customer satisfaction by ensuring greater reliability.

The Sensing Business Unit is committed to better meeting customer needs and expectations and offering even higher-quality services and solutions, and are working to accelerate its transformation into a more customer-centric company.