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Konica Minolta to Develop a Health Support Solution in Japan for Women Suffering from PMS and Other Issues
Assisting Correct Understanding of Effects of Menstrual Cycle to Help Women Play Active Roles in Society

Tokyo (March 14, 2017) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced its plan to develop a solution in Japan to support women’s health in tune with their menstrual cycles through joint research with the Research Promotion Institution for COI Site, Kyoto University and Assistant Professor Miho Egawa M.D., Ph.D. of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Kyoto University Hospital. This is one facet of Konica Minolta’s open innovation at its Business Innovation Center (BIC).

Background of the Solution

It is said that roughly 80% of women who menstruate feel various physical and mental symptoms during several (three to 10) days before menstruation. Among them, approximately 30%—more than six million women in Japan—suffer some difficulties in daily life and work due to physical or mental symptoms (estimated by Konica Minolta).

Konica Minolta plans to offer this support solution based on its belief that, to help women live comfortable daily lives and play active roles in society, it is essential for women to realize that Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) might be the cause of these symptoms, correctly understand that the symptoms they experience are caused by their menstrual cycle, and personally implement some type of coping strategy.

Overview of the Solution

This service, centered on a health-tracking app, is for predicting symptoms before menstruation and taking measures to remedy them. This helps women who experience mental or physical symptoms throughout their menstrual cycles (women who may have PMS).

The service will be launched sequentially from this fall and will finally be available on a one-stop basis. In this way, Konica Minolta aims to provide hope for improved symptoms and peace of mind and to create a society in which women can play active roles with a positive mindset.

Included Functions

Provision of information to raise awareness of PMS

Konica Minolta opened a website to raise awareness of PMS before International Women’s Day on March 8.

URL: Window (in Japanese)

This website will share correct information about the relationship between the menstrual cycle and PMS and also introduce coping strategies.

Health tracking

The user can install the app on her smartphone and use it to track her health including body temperature, physical condition, and mood, demonstrating the mental and physical symptoms that occur throughout the menstrual cycle. The user can also receive support based on her tracked information.

Building communities for specific symptoms

The user can participate in communities linked with the health-tracking app to share her concerns with other users and exchange information on coping strategies.

Consultations with experts

Before deciding to see a physician, the user can easily consult with experts regarding her own symptoms via the website.

Find and share information with a primary care physician

Based on the user’s symptoms tracked in the app, she can search for a physician specialized in her own concerns. She can also provide this information to the physician, enabling suitable medical care.

About the BIC

The BIC, which commercializes new products and services, strives to profoundly understand customer needs, evolve this understanding into services, and create new businesses that are useful in human life and business.
The BIC also engages in close collaboration with partners in a broad range of fields including educational and research institutions, start-up companies, and investors to produce and realize innovative ideas that offer new value to customers and revolutionize society.

To contribute to the creation of a society where as many women as possible play active roles, Konica Minolta will help women who suffer from mental and physical symptoms during their menstrual cycles, as well as the people who are close to such women, via this solution that helps women correctly understand their symptoms and provides clues for coping with them.