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Konica Minolta Launches the SONIMAGE MX1, a Compact and High-Resolution Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Producing High-Resolution Diagnostic Images in Any Clinical Practices

Tokyo (March 16, 2018) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that it has launched the SONIMAGE MX1, diagnostic ultrasound system that is compact, yet capable of offering higher-resolution imaging.

With the recent increase in need for bedside Point of Care (POC) testing and treatment, the POC market is expected to grow. Konica Minolta is ready to expand its healthcare business by delivering new value to POC customers with its SONIMAGE MX1.

Value Offered by the SONIMAGE MX1

1. Lightweight and compact body enables high-resolution diagnostic imaging in any clinical practices

The SONIMAGE HS1 (HS1) Konica Minolta launched in 2014 has a high market share in orthopedics and wins high evaluation in the area of anesthesiology with its outstanding operability as well as the capability to deliver sharp and high-quality images with clear delineation of the fibrous structure of muscle and nerve bundles as small as dozens to hundreds of microns in diameter.
Building on the cutting-edge technology of HS1, the SONIMAGE MX1 incorporates new Dual Sonic technology*1, which enables the series to deliver higher-quality imaging despite its lightweight and compact body. By offering this portable diagnostic ultrasonic system, Konica Minolta aims to ensure diagnostic precision in any clinical practices.

For Orthopedic

This model is ideal for orthopedic uses, including outpatient treatment, any sports scene where any games or practices take place examination by a sports medicine physician, and monitoring the recovery of a patient in rehabilitation.
For example, by taking SONIMAGE MX1 to a training camp, tour destination or competition site, the team physician can make an appropriate on-site diagnosis using ultrasound and provide necessary treatment at an early stage.

For any medical practices other than Orthopedic

This model enables users to promptly make a precise diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment and care using high-quality images in any clinical practices without causing users to feel stress, and thus can be effectively used for home and outpatient POC services and dialysis treatment.
With its high imaging quality and simple operability, SONIMAGE MX1 is also suitable for use in operation rooms and pain clinics. It provides ultrasound guidance to users to help them place a needle in the right location for nerve block injection and central venous catheterization and thus ensures greater safety when performing medical procedures.

2. Simple user interface enhances diagnostic efficiency

Developed under the concept of HS1, “a user interface tailored to the workflow of users,” the SONIMAGE MX1 is designed to optimize user friendliness and enhance the efficiency of medical examinations. To be specific, the large buttons and touch panel on the screen allow instinctive operation, while enabling users to customize the layout of the buttons and touch panel design to suit respective diagnostic workflows, thus simplyfing operation.
Doctors who work at two or more medical facilities can enhance diagnostic efficiency by taking their own models of the SONIMAGE MX1.

3. Optional products available for greater ease of use

For the SONIMAGE MX1, a high-mobility pole cart and a desktop stand are available to enhance its usability in a hospital. Other optional products designed for greater portability include a three-way carrier bag that can be used also as a backpack and shoulder bag, a hard suitcase that can be put in an overhead compartment of airplane, and a display cover to protect the display.

The built-in batteries and optional extended batteries have run times of one hour and up to two hours respectively, allowing the SONIMAGE MX1 to be used in locations where power sources are not easily accessible. In addition, the three-port probe connector enables connection of three different kinds of probes, making it easier to conduct an examination that requires switching of probes and enabling a wider range of diagnosis and treatment approaches.

Main specifications of the Ultrasound System SONIMAGE MX1

Monitor 12.1inch IPS-type monitor
Power supply AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 150 VA (main body only)
Size*2 W 320 mm × H 302 mm × D 64.5 mm
Weight 4.5kg
Battery run time Approx. 60 min.

*1:Dual Sonic technology controls ultrasonic noise and enhances ultrasonic transmission efficiency.

*2: The protruding part of the body is not included.

SONIMAGE is a trademark or registered trademark of Konica Minolta, Inc.
Ultrasound System SONIMAGE MX1: Certification No. 230ABBZX00010000