In this display, called "Habataki", OLED panels are joined in pairs to form luminous wings.

Ashikaga Flower Park

The Ashikaga Flower Park features a popular light show program, selected by Yakei-isan as one of the top three in the Kanto area and also voted as the best in Japan.* In its winter 2014 “Flower Garden of Light,” the park displayed Habataki as part of its famed wisteria light show. The rainbow lights of the Habataki, reflected in the water, created a magical atmosphere.

…in a nationwide illumination ranking by 4,300 certified “night lights experts”

Exhibition period 10/25/2014 (Sat) - 2/05/2015 (Thu)

Toki No Sumika

Toki no Sumika boasts one of Japan's most expansive light show programs, with illuminated trees, tunnels, a fountain laser show, and a variety of other projects. In 2014, a “Habataki museum” was opened, where visitors can enjoy unique displays that showcase the beauty of OLED lighting.

Exhibition period 11/07/2014 (Fri) –

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