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Intellectual Property

Optics Business Unit has established five “Optics Business Unit Intellectual Property Policy” to promote the acquisition and the use of intellectual property.


We will, by smoothly commercializing products based on the fruits of creative research and development, and by pioneering new business fields and promoting management innovations founded on intellectual property, contribute to the improvement and continuing development of technological capabilities and international competitiveness of Japanese industry.


We will, responding to the needs of our customers, endeavor to develop new differential technologies providing new value. Appropriately acquiring and utilizing intellectual property of these new technologies, we will create highly competitive products that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Taking intellectual property as a management resource to support our advanced technological capabilities and product competitiveness, We will promote the acquisition and the effective use of such intellectual property.


We will respect the intellectual property of other companies, and will ask that our own intellectual property is respected as well.


In Principle, We will not license our intellectual property which ensures our superiority in products through differentiation in technological capabilities. We will, however, actively license intellectual property if such licensing is deemed to enable the diversification of products and the supply of many new products to the market, thereby contributing to the development of industry as a whole.
For further information on the intellectual property of Konica Minolta,Inc please refer to our “Intellectual Property Report.”

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