Core Technologies and Business Model

Under our management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value,” Konica Minolta, Inc.*1 (“Konica Minolta”) has developed businesses with the aim of achieving sustainable profit growth, becoming a customeroriented company, and establishing firm corporate foundations. To support our business activities from the perspective of intellectual property, we have positioned our intellectual property strategy as one of three key management strategies together with business and technology strategies.
This document describes Konica Minolta’s activities in the field of intellectual property in fiscal 2013.

Core Technologies and Business Model

For an extended period of some 140 years since its foundation, Konica Minolta has provided attractive products such as photographic films and cameras as well as multifunction peripherals (MFP) and X-ray imaging equipment developed based on the technologies that it has acquired. Through the continuous development of technology relating to these products, Konica Minolta has come to possess various core technologies*2 in four fields: materials, optics, nano-fabrication, and imaging. By capitalizing on and integrating these core technologies, Konica Minolta pursues further enhancement of product functions and the creation of new business.

Four Technology Fields and Core Technologies

One example of these efforts is the emulsion polymerized toner we have developed to replace conventional pulverized toners, which has been realized by leveraging our chemical materials technology acquired through the development of photographic films to develop toner used for MFP. Compared to pulverized toner, emulsion polymerized toner has smaller and more uniform particles, which make possible high-quality images. They also conduct heat more efficiently and are more soluble than pulverized toner particles, enabling fusing to paper and other media at a lower temperature. As such, emulsion polymerized toner contributes to power savings when using MFP.
In the X-ray imaging equipment field, Konica Minolta developed equipment that employs digital radiography (DR) imaging, which directly forms an image from X-rays on a sensor panel that takes the place of conventional X-ray photographic film. This was made possible through the use and integration of the chemical materials technology and image processing technology mentioned above.
In this way, Konica Minolta is using its various core technologies acquired through the development of products for the Creation of New Value that we seek.

*1 For a company overview, visit our website: Company Overview

*2 For detailed information of our core technologies, visit our website:Why Invest In KONICA MINOLTA