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Contributing to Social Quality by Continuing to Create New Value for Customers and the Broader Society

Pursing Growth through Customer-driven Transformation of Our Businesses

At Konica Minolta, we have established a solid presence in our primary markets by carrying out a “genre-top strategy” —concentrating our efforts and investment in fields where we can leverage the advantages we have built over many years of implementing the Konica Minolta management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value.”

Meanwhile, today's society is undergoing dramatic changes, and at an unprecedented pace. While many people lead affluent lives surrounded by an abundance of possessions, we are all also faced with difficult global-scale challenges. The days when all a company had to do to survive was manufacture and sell a product are gone. The only companies that will be able to maintain sustainable growth from here on are those that work together with customers to resolve challenges—those which make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

We formulated our new medium-term business plan, which starts in fiscal 2014, based on this conviction. The plan name, “Transform 2016,” reflects our determination to transform the Group's businesses by focusing thoroughly on customer-oriented ideas and actions. The plan calls for Konica Minolta to create value that contributes to the quality of society by enhancing its ability to propose solutions and services that help customers and the broader society resolve challenges. Through this shift in our business model, which we call “Transformation,” we aim to add even more added value to Konica Minolta's businesses, refine our manufacturing processes, strengthen our human resources, and achieve further growth as a company.

Shoei Yamana President and CEO Konica Minolta, Inc.

Raising the Bar on CSR Management

In order to achieve further growth as a global company, Konica Minolta must intensify its focus on fulfilling its responsibilities to society and gain trust from the international community, while transforming its business based on the medium-term business plan.
Konica Minolta participates in the UN Global Compact and seeks to fulfill its diverse social responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and corruption prevention. These efforts have earned the company a positive reputation in the international community, for instance inclusion in SRI indexes in and outside Japan. With the start of the new medium-term business plan, I would like to continue these initiatives while also raising the bar so that we rise to the next level.

On the environmental front, for example, we have kicked off a medium-term environmental plan based on the concept of pursuing both the resolution of environmental challenges and enhancing corporate competitiveness. We are working to achieve specific targets in terms of both corporate growth and environmental impact reduction, focusing on our Green Products, Green Factories, and Green Marketing initiatives. With respect to human rights, in 2014 we established a conflict minerals compliance policy to help prevent human rights violations, and will continue to bolster our efforts in this area.

Going forward, we are committed to proactively fulfilling our responsibilities as a global company and responding to the diverse challenges faced by the international community.

Increasing the Ability of Each and Every Employee to Deliver Results

Everything—including the outcome of the medium-term business plan and our efforts to raise the bar on CSR management—depends on the ability of our 40,000+ employees around the world to deliver results. That is why we have articulated the Konica Minolta Philosophy as the cornerstone to ensure each and every employee shares the same values while making decisions and taking actions with agility and a proactive mindset. Ensuring we all move forward in the same direction, it shows how the “The Creation of New Value” is at the core of the six values that express Konica Minolta’s strengths and heritage, which in turn underlie our vision for the company. We will also work at reforming our HR policies, focusing on appointing the right people for the right jobs, deploying personnel with a global mindset, supporting female employees, and selecting young employees for challenging roles. In all of these efforts, the goal is to create an environment where we can identify and promote personnel who demonstrate the ability to deliver results. I am confident that these strategies will enable us to achieve our vision of becoming a robust company that is capable of strong growth and vital to society. I invite you to look forward to what Konica Minolta will achieve in the future.

Konica Minolta, Inc.
President and CEO
Shoei Yamana

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