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October 1, 2003
Konica Minolta Holdings Inc.
Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Inc.

R1 Super minilab lineup enhanced with
Powerful new digital minilab flagship model
Konica Minolta introduces R1 SUPER 1400 Digital Minilab System
High-speed minilab delivers 1,400 prints (127 89 mm) per hour


Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Hideki Iwama), a member of the Konica Minolta Group, will begin worldwide shipments of the R1 SUPER 1400 Digital Minilab System in January, 2004. The new minilab is capable of 1,400 prints (127 x 89 mm) per hour, making it a very fast digital minilab. It joins the R1 SUPER minilab, which has been available from September, 2002, winning a high reputation for easy operation, versatile print services, and high image quality. Like the R1 SUPER, the R1 SUPER 1400 features independent input and output sections, allowing flexible configurations to meet different business requirements. In addition, it boasts faster processing speed, at 1,400 prints (127 x 89 mm) per hour, and enhanced image quality. The Konica Minolta Group plans to introduce it around the world as a new full-digital minilab flagship model for the rapidly emerging age of digital imaging. It will be shown at the SONIMAGFOTO' 2003 photo event that opens today in Spain.

The main features of the R1 SUPER 1400 are as follows.

Features of the R1 SUPER 1400

  1. Faster digital camera prints through high-speed image processing technology
    Thanks to new image processing and transfer technology, the R1 SUPER 1400 boasts an overwhelming advantage in speedy processing of film and digital camera prints. It delivers 1,400 prints per hour (127 x 89 mm) for digital still camera and media prints, without the need for an acceleration kit.
  2. Higher image quality through high-resolution film scanner
    A new optical design and high-precision LED control ensure outstanding image quality. Features include high-precision film transport and noise removal, for enhanced image quality in prints from over-exposed negatives. The standard paper is QA Paper Type AD, a high-performance paper uniquely suited to digital exposure, offering a very wide density range. The result is high image quality down the finest details.
  3. Easy operation
    The R1 SUPER 1400 inherits the popular R1 SUPER interface, which makes it easy even for inexperienced operators to achieve beautiful results. All print operations are standardized, with commonly used buttons arranged in easy-to-find locations on the home screen. A specially designed keyboard makes it easy to adjust color density and gradations.
  4. Powerful new options
    A wide variety of powerful new options are available, including a high-speed CD-R writing kit, a Printer Driver, and an Image Controller that allows the minilab to be used as a dedicated digital printer. With peripherals to match the requirements of the customer’s business, Konica Minolta proposes a new solutions business.

<Main specifications>

  R1 SUPER 1400
System configuration Separate input (work station) and output (printer processor) sections
Imaging section Independent B/G/R line photometry using 3-line CCD; film shift method
input media
Compatible film Color negative film :135F/H/P/HV; APS, 110, 120 (6x4.5 to 6x9)
Color reversal film :135; APS (strip, cut piece) 120 (6x4.5 to 6x9)
B&W film :135; Sepia :135 , Slide mount : 135, APS
Compatible media FD, SM, MS, CF, SD Card, CD; prints up to A4 size (for P-to-P service)
MO, Zip, DVD, PCMCIAII card (via external PC)
Film-to-print speed 3R (127x89mm) 1,400 prints/hour
4R (152x102mm) 1,100 prints/hour
8R (203x254mm) 450 prints/hour
Digital camera-
to-print speed
(2.5 megapixels)
3R (127x89mm) 1,400 prints/hour
4R (152x102mm) 1,200 prints/hour
Exposure system Beam Convergence Head (BCH) print engine
Paper width 89, 102, 120, 127, 152, 165, 178, 203, 210, 216 mm
Processing time (dry-to-dry) 2 min. 25 sec.
Dimensions Input section 850 (W) x 1,300 (H) x 900 (D) mm
Output section 1,550 (W) x 915 (H) x 900 (D) mm
Monitor 17-inch CRT
Magazine Single magazine
Double magazine optional

Specifications and design of products may be improved or otherwise modified without prior notice.

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