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2004 News Releases

19 NOV 2004Konica Minolta Announces Establishment of Subsidiaries in China
10 NOV 2004Notice Regarding Application for Delisting of Shares(Nagoya Stock Exchange, Inc., Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Dusseldorf Stock Exchange.)
22 OCT 2004Konica Minolta Splits its Inkjet Print Heads and Textile Print Systems Businesses into a Separate Company
27 SEP 2004Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. and Eastman Kodak Company, Form Picture Archiving and Sharing Standard (PASS) Group
15 SEP 2004KONICA MINOLTA Dynax7D/Maxxum7D
18 JUN 2004Konica Minolta wins the prize of “EISA Photo Awards”
14 JUN 2004Konica Minolta Supports “YOKOSO! JAPAN” Airship Crossing Eurasian Continent
19 FEB 2004Konica Minolta Group's Consumer Imaging Business Companies to Merge on April 1, 2004
19 FEB 2004New CEO to Lead New Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc.
13 FEB 2004Konica Minolta Photo Imaging and Konica Minolta Camera Unify Brand under “Konica Minolta” for New Film and Cameras
13 FEB 2004Unification of the Current Photographic Film, Single-Use Cameras, and Inkjet Paper Line-Up under “Konica Minolta” Brand
13 FEB 2004Konica Minolta Interchangeable-Lens Digital SLR Camera
12 FEB 2004Konica Minolta Business Technologies Announces Business Strategies
12 FEB 2004Konica Minolta Business Technologies Unveils a New Product Brand “bizhub”
20 JAN 2004Konica Minolta's Shilong Factory is certified as a “Creditable Enterprise” by the competent Dongguan Customs Office
1 JAN 2004 New Year Message from the President, Fumio Iwai

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