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18th August 2004

Konica Minolta wins the top prize in two categories of the prestigious
European “EISA Photo Awards”

“Anti-Shake” camera-shake correction technology: “European Photo Innovation of the Year 2004-2005”
Minolta DYNAX 60: “European SLR Camera of the Year 2004-2005”

  Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc (President and CEO, Tsuyoshi Miyachi) has won two of this year's “EISA Photo Awards” from the European Imaging and Sound Association*(EISA). The “European Photo Innovation of the Year 2004-2005” award went to Konica Minolta's “Anti-Shake Technology”—for correcting camera shake—incorporated in the “DiMAGE A2” series of digital cameras. And the “European SLR Camera of the Year 2004-2005” award was won by the “Minolta Dynax 60”, a 35-mm autofocus SLR camera.

  Independently developed by Konica Minolta, the "Anti-Shake" mechanism - fitted in the "DiMAGE A" series of digital cameras—compensates camera shake by means of a CCD shift method. This means that during telephoto shooting by hand or shooting under low-intensity-light conditions, camera shake is significantly suppressed and clear, high-quality photographs can be taken.

  This award recognizes the fact that the Anti-Shake correction function is a completely new mechanism. That is to say, it does not function within the camera lens; instead, it moves the CCD within the camera body itself in order to counteract camera shake. It does this in one simple operation by means of a dedicated signal-processing circuit that responds quickly to the touch of a button.

  The Anti-Shake correction mechanism will be incorporated in the "DiMAGE Z3" digital camera to be released in August 2004 and in the "DYNAX 7 Digital" interchangeable-lens-type digital SLR camera planned for release in the autumn of 2004.

  With its high functionality—starting with its ease of use and advanced Autofocus function - in the form of the flagship "DYNAX 7"model, DYNAX 60 (released in January 2004) is a popular, 35-mm autofocus SLR camera.

  This award highly rates the DYNAX 60 for providing an ideal balance between price and performance. That is to say, while priced as a entry level SLR camera, it provides a full range of Autofocus (AF) functions—such as wide-area AF by nine-point AF sensor (usually found in higher priced cameras), multi-dimensional predictive focus control that keeps up with subjects moving in all directions, and "direct manual focus" that allows fine focus adjustment after focus lock is engaged—as well as features like high-speed operation, ADI flash metering, and 14 custom functions.

* EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is a European body that represents specialist journals (50 journals from 20 different countries) covering the video, audio, and home-theater markets. And the EISA Photo Awards are chosen by a panel made up of the chief editors and technical editors from each of the journals.

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