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May 20, 2005

The world's First*1 Digital SLR Camera with body-Integral Anti-Shake technology Wins the Camera Grand Prix 2005 - Konica Minolta α-7 DIGITAL*2

Konica Minolta is delighted to announce that the Konica Minolta α-7 DIGITAL *2 -- the world's first *1 digital SLR camera with body-integral CCD-shift Anti-Shake feature was given the "Camera Grand Prix 2005".
The Camera Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious awards that can be presented to a camera in Japanese photo industry. The Camera Grand Prix is sponsored by the Camera Press Club and managed by the Camera Grand Prix Steering Committee. Every year, once a year, they recognize the best cameras sold in Japan.

Selection is done by a committee of Camera Press Club members, chief editors and representatives of magazines affiliated with the Camera Press Club, experts selected by the Camera Grand Prix Steering Committee, camera magazine writers, and photographers. The cameras nominated this year were all launched between April 1, 2004 and March 31, 2005. There were 192 cameras.

The reason why the α-7 DIGITAL *2 was selected for the award was the high evaluation given to the following points: Easier operation for users is prioritized in camera development policy and the high level of technological development that went into realizing that. They are seen by the body-integral Anti-Shake mechanism, the sophisticated features demanded by high-end amateurs, while employing the large LCD and operation menus that make it easy enough for beginners to use.

Camera Grand Prix 2005

Reason for selection

The α-7 DIGITAL*2 is the first lens-changeable digital SLR camera to come from Konica Minolta. The key benefit of Anti-Shake being it can support all Konica Minolta AF lenses. This technology can be considered revolutionary in the world of photography, ranking behind AE and AF. Moreover, it incorporates the new advanced LSI engine that delivers fast response and high speed image processing. Performance, price and design have been carefully balanced on a high level to develop this camera. It is a user-friendly digital SLR camera with a large LCD and operating menus that make it easy enough for beginners to use.

The Camera Grand Prix has been held 22 times since its inception in 1984. This year marks the sixth time that Konica Minolta has won the award, those previous being α-7000 (marketed as Maxxum 7000 in North America and 7000 in other regions) at the 2nd Award (1985), α-707si (marketed as Maxxum 700si in North America and Dynax 700si in other regions) at the 11th Award (1994), TC-1 at the 13th Award (1996), α-9 (marketed as Maxxum 9 in North America and Dynax 9 in other regions) at the 16th Award (1999), and α-7 (marketed as Maxxum 7 in North America and Dynax 7 in other regions) at the 18th Award (2001).

As a lens-changeable digital SLR camera
Marketed as Maxxum 7D in North America and Dynax 7D in other regions.

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