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November 7, 2005


ARMONK, N.Y. and TOKYO, --November 7, 2005-- IBM and Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. (KMBT) today announced that they are working together on a joint initiative to introduce an output management middleware solution for the printing environment that integrates into clients' existing IT infrastructure and provides security and cost optimization capabilities. This output management solution is focused on those clients that manage their own printing environments and are looking for technologies to help them optimize that infrastructure.

The Business Output Optimization middleware platform, called JScribe, allows a client's IT systems to connect to their entire output environment, including out-of-network printers, and can be deployed in such devices as servers, PCs and multi function peripherals(MFPs) when they are JScribe enabled.

"By partnering with KMBT, together we are offering the first solution that draws on this technology to help KMBT clients significantly cut cost and improve operational efficiency in the printer space," says Philippe Jarre, Vice President of Integrated Technology Services, IBM Global Services.

"As copiers have evolved into networked MFPs, the connectivity aspect of MFP's has become very important. With IBM, we will be able to offer integrated output devices and applications that enhance security and optimize our customer's output solutions," says Shoei Yamana, executive director and general manager of Konica Minolta Business Technologies' MFP Sales and Marketing Headquarters. "I hope this partnership, combining our expertise in output solutions with IBM's services capabilities, will bring us new market opportunities."

The Business Output Optimization solutions consist of the following four elements:

JScribe Secure and Mobile Print Solutions The output environment is often considered one of the weakest links for enterprises' computer network security. With JScribe we can enhance the existing security features available to MFPs by securing the end to end solution starting at the client, through the server, and on to the output device.
  This solution provides several security steps, including SSL connections between all hops and when KMBT JScribe enabled devices are involved, encrypting print data in distinct security levels, authenticating who is doing the printing before the pages are produced, executing encrypted data storage and completing deletion of temporary jobs.

JScribe Enterprise Edition is a unique development environment for current JScribe applications used in data analysis and future applications such as document management, integrated form design and form management, script editing and debugging, real-time application testing, remote application debugging and application control, transferring other applications to the KMBT JScribe platform and plug-in ready for custom functionality.

JScribe Intelligence Server Solution, which operates with both Windows-or Linux-server OS as a management platform, allows precise cost allocation to individually defined cost centers, departments, users or other accounting groups. This solution works within Windows or Linux print framework, allowing it to monitor even locally attached printing to devices from other printer device vendors. As a growing number of employees have a printer locally connected in his/her own office, it's essential for companies to manage the entire output environment, including local printers.

Business Output Cost Analysis provides both assessment and consulting. It records document output over a certain period of time as a snapshot. Then, it provides assessment of a client's IT and output environment as well as cost situation. Based on the evaluation, the cost analysis tool helps provide for a fully optimized output environment.

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