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January 20, 2004

Konica Minolta's Shilong Factory is certified as a “Creditable Enterprise”
by the competent Dongguan Customs Office

The Dongguan Customs Office (Guangdong Province, China) recently announced that they have certified about 20 of the highest-rating companies as Creditable Enterprises as a result of an examination of companies operating in their jurisdiction based on compliance with customs regulations, performance of tax obligations, and corporate scale for the past three years.

The Shilong Factory of Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing (HK) Ltd. (President: Chiaki Shino: BMHK) ranks 8th among about 20,000 export and import companies registered in the jurisdiction of the Dongguan Customs Office.

In 2000, the Dongguan Customs Office introduced a corporate rating system, classifying companies into six categories from AA to E according to their performance. BMHK's Shilong Factory set a goal to achieve the “A" or higher rating, and continued and dedicated efforts to streamline customs-related activities by reorganizing the production system to better satisfy the customs regulations, enhancing the collection and analysis of information, and increasing publicity inside and outside the factory. These efforts have made the Shilong Factory the winner of the prestigious designation, “Creditable Enterprise," the top-level classification in the highest AA rating.

Considering that Creditable Enterprises will be given preferential treatment, both visible and invisible, we may say that the certification will help us greatly strengthen the Chinese production base of information equipment, which is the core business of the Konica Minolta Group. To build on this milestone achievement, we will remain committed to developing a world-class, state-of-the-art production base in China.

[Background to the certification]
Jan. 2000: The Dongguan Customs Office introduces the corporate rating system.
Jan. 2002: BMHK's Shilong Factory is given the “AA" rating.
Jan. 2002: BMHK's Shilong Factory wins the “Outstanding Achievement Award."
Nov. 2003: BMHK's Shilong Factory is certified as a “Creditable Enterprise."

[Corporate data of Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing (HK) Ltd.]

Location: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China
Capital: HK$195,800,000
Board members: President - Chiaki Shino, Vice President “ Nobuyasu Ieuji, Directors “ Seiichi Suzuki, Shiro Nishimoto (part-time)
Establishment: October 2003
No. of employees: About 135 (excluding employees of companies under contract for materials processing)
Description of business: Manufacturing and wholesale of analog /digital copiers and laser printers

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