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July 15, 2005

Development of "Konica Minolta AF 35mm F1.4G (D)"
Interchangeable Lens for SLR Cameras of the Dynax/Maxxum Series

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc., has developed the "Konica Minolta AF 35mm F1.4G (D)" * interchangeable lens for SLR cameras of the Dynax/Maxxum Series. An overview of the lens is given herein. Launch plan of this lens is in spring of 2006

Development Targets

The "Konica Minolta AF 35mm F1.4G (D) was developed as the successor model of the "Minolta AF 35mm F1.4G NEW" lens that has been well accepted amongst users for the beautiful defocused effect rendered around the aperture. This lens was developed as an interchangeable lens for the Dynax/Maxxum Series and delivers high descriptive performance using a newly designed optical system, as well as enabling a high level of flash metering owing to a distance encoder that had been built into the lens itself.
With this lens, Konica Minolta is expanding its DT Lens Series whose wide focal range has been optimized for the APS-C format, and is adding to its lineup of lenses that additionally cover the 135 mm format.
Konica Minolta will continue to expand its lineup of lenses for digital and 35mm SLR cameras by developing new supporting lenses with features expected and found only on Konica Minolta products such as the G and STF Lenses whose wide diameter bring superior descriptive power to users.


Wide F1.4 bright high-performance wide-angle lens
High picture quality across the entire focal range
Built-in distance encoder (distance information provided internally by lens). Highly accurate ADI flash metering** when used with Dynax/Maxxum digital SLR cameras and other Dynax/Maxxum 35mm SLR body.
Adopts the highly rated round aperture of the Konica Minolta AF 35mmF1.4G NEW". Inherits the beautiful defocused effect particularly at distances at between open aperture and 2 f-stops narrower.

Product name has been tentatively named for this release, with the final name to be announced at later date.
ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) flash metering

Konica Minolta will continue to further upgrade the Dynax/Maxxum system by developing interchangeable lenses, in order meet user needs on a higher level.

Dynax and Maxxum are trademarks or registered trademarks of Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc.

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