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March 15, 2004

Konica Minolta's Exhibit at CeBIT 2004

We, Konica Minolta Group, are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting our latest products at "CeBIT 2004," the world's largest trade show for information and telecommunications technology, starting from March 18 in Hannover, Germany. Product highlights are as shown below.

- Information Equipment (Multifunction machines and printers)

  In the first CeBIT after the integration of Konica and Minolta, we will place an empahsis on color quality, high speed, and digital solutions which, together, will offer higher value to our customers. Products on exhibit include: a wide array of multifunction machines such as a highbrand-new, high-resolution machine with color capabilities bearing our new integrated brand name, "bizhub C350," equipped with color capabilities, and a digital multifunction machine, "bizhub 7235/7228/7222," with sophisticated scanner and Internet facsimile capabilities; and a rich variety of color and black-and-white laser printers such as the highly reputed "magicolor 2003W2300W," winner of the "editor's choice" award of a North American PC magazine, and the world's first A3 tandem printer, "magicolor 7300." As well, there will be a presentation of color and high-speed "Print on Demand (POD)" services and solutions.

- Digital Cameras

A new line of the "DiMAGE" family will be on exhibit, which includes: "DiMAGE A2," a SLR type camera with a built-in lens system, which offers a resolution of 8 megapixels and a proprietary antiAnti-shake Shake function; "DiMAGE Z2," which offers 4 megapixel resolution and a powerful 10x optical zoom, and features the world's fastest AF speed in this class of products*; and "DiMAGE Xg," characterized by the proprietary folded optical zoom lenses. In addition, "Dynax 7 Digital (tentative name)," an interchangeable-lens, digital SLR camera, which accepts Minolta A Amount[MSOffice1] and is compatible with the full range of Minolta AF SLR lenses (called tentatively "α-7 Digital" in the Japanese market) will be exhibited for reference. This product is equipped with a unique CCD Shift-type Anti-Shake function, and employs an APS-C sized 6-megapixel CCD.

* Fastest among digital cameras with a built-in lens system and a 10x or more optical zoom as of February 1, 2004

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