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January 19, 2006

Consignment of Service and Maintenance Operations for Minilabs

Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd. (Noritsu Koki) and Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Inc. (Konica Minolta PI) have reached an agreement to consign service and maintenance operations of Konica Minolta brand* minilabs and peripheral equipment to Noritsu Koki, and have signed a basic agreement today.

Minilabs are mainly installed in retail photo shops to develop color films and to print digital photo images, and are contributing to improving efficiency and convenience of photofinishing. Thanks to the convenience they provide, minilabs became indispensable for photo industry and the total number of minilabs installed worldwide is presumed to be 150,000 units.

Noritsu Koki, as a leading manufacturer of minilabs and peripheral equipment, has always made efforts in meeting the needs of customers and developed attractive products full of unique know-how and ideas. In addition, by establishing proprietary sales and service channels, Noritsu Koki's products have been well-accepted in 180 countries and have been ensuring satisfaction to various customers worldwide. Furthermore, Noritsu Koki is always endeavoring to quickly perceive customer needs and reflect them directly in the development of products and services.

Konica Minolta Group, in order to concentrate in its core "business technologies" business and its strategic "optics and display devices" business on the basis of "selection and concentration", has decided to withdraw from its photo business. In this relation, Konica Minolta PI will cease production of minilabs by the end of March 2006. Since Konica Minolta PI would like to ensure the continuous maintenance of existing minilabs it has sold to-date even after ceasing production, Konica Minolta PI decided to consign its headquarters' service and maintenance operations for Konica Minolta brand* minilabs and peripheral equipment installed worldwide (excluding certain areas) to Noritsu Koki. As for the service and maintenance currently provided by Konica Minolta PI's sales companies, they will be considered individually by regions later.

On the basis of the agreement reached today, Noritsu Koki will succeed service and maintenance operations of Konica Minolta brand* minilabs and peripheral equipment as of April 1, 2006 onward.

*Konica Minolta brand includes Konica brand as well.

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