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May 2, 2008

Konica Minolta Business Technologies Inc.
Participating in SAP® Printer Vendor Program as a Gold-level Member

Tokyo (May 2, 2008) -- Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. (President: Akio Kitani, "Konica Minolta") today announced it is participating in the new SAP® Printer Vendor program, launched earlier this week by SAP AG in collaboration with leading printer manufacturers. Konica Minolta is participating in the program as a gold-level member.

The SAP Printer Vendor program is a technology license program SAP manages in cooperation with printer manufacturers to provide supreme quality printing solutions to users of SAP solutions. The program offers participating vendors, including Konica Minolta access to specific SAP development environments that are necessary to optimize support for their devices operating within customers' SAP solution-based environments.

Through participation in the program, users of SAP software solutions can easily access the status of Konica Minolta's MFPs and printers. Printing from an SAP solution-based system will become easier, while enabling users to have full access to functions of Konica Minolta's MFPs and printers, such as staple finishing, image adjustment, and confirmation of print job completion. In addition, improved print management will allow for quick identification and resolution of any printing issues.

Konica Minolta is planning to gain SAP Printer Vendor program approval for all of its MFPs and printers, and will continue to further promote facilitation of office equipment.

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