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November 17, 2008

The Korea's Largest National Science Museum
Introduces Konica Minolta's Cutting-Edge
Planetarium System

Tokyo (November 17, 2008) -- Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.(Konica Minolta)is pleased to announce that it has delivered planetarium system to Gwacheon National Science Museum, the largest national science museum in Korea.

The planetarium system “GEMINISTAR” is a 3rd generation, optical-type, integrated planetarium with a full dome digital media system.

This technology is a first of its kind implemented in Korea enabling audiences to enjoy a real star-field and enjoy powerful dome imaging by CG in one shot.

Konica Minolta was chosen to install this proposed system considering their proven track record and credibility of developing programmed planetarium systems with support frameworks around the world.

Gwacheon National Science Museum opened on Nov 14 2008 as Korea's largest national science museum (site area:243,970m2, building area:49,050m2)providing a wide range of the exhibitions and displaying cutting-edge technologies, fundamental researches, natural history, and aerospace technology.

The planetarium, a large-scale spherical building with a 25m dome, is located at the center of the site having a capacity of 273 people.

The vision of Gwacheon National Science Museum holds up as “a landmark that symbolizes the scientific and technological prowess of Korea, it is a sanctuary of science and technology that we hope will arouse an interest in, and enthusiasm for, science and technology among the young boys and girls that will lead the future of Korea.”

Konica Minolta will be overlooking this activity from the process of dome design to its construction, delivery of system device and acoustical instrument.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of planetarium, Konica Minolta will continue to develop planetarium and imaging equipment, while providing inclusive services and solutions including contents and management in line with the customer's expectations.

About Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.

We offers a complete line of planetarium business enterprise committed to design and development of projection equipment, construction and programming of dome screen systems and extensive managed services for the business enterprise.

Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd. delivers planetarium system and programmed contents throughout Japan and worldwide.
Konica Minolta Planetarium –“Manten” in Sunshine City (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), is the only one planetarium in the world operated by the manufacturer.

As an innovative corporation that continues to create inspiring products and services in the field of imaging, we believe this planetarium business is meaningful within our Group in terms of having many audiences share Konica Minolta's management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value”

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