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November 27, 2008

Konica Minolta Becomes the First AEO-Certified Japanese
Manufacturer in Germany by German Customs

Tokyo (November 27, 2008) --Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH (Konica Minolta), headquartered in Langenhagen, Germany, the European sales subsidiary of Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc., has acquired an AEO certification by German Customs. This is the first to be acquired among Japanese manufacturing companies located in Germany.

AEO certifications (Authorized Economic Operators) are certification schemes for the trade-related enterprises with rewarding benefits in customs clearance when the criteria are met, applicable since January 1, 2008 by the EU.

The objective of AEO certifications is to stop entering forged articles or unlawful materials illegally concealed in the distribution cargoes into EU region. Having met the detailed assessment leads the smooth import clearance procedure, boosting convenience in exchange of maintaining high level security.

The AEO certification Konica Minolta acquired is the highest level “Type F" status authorizing both “AEO Customs simplification” and “AEO security and safety.” This assures speedy procedures in customs clearance into EU region with the preference in customs facilitation and security- safety control. Consequently, import clearance for cargoes from ports and airports into EU region, and transportation to distribution center will become smooth, and supplying products and services will be more accurate and prompt, thereby increasing ever-more needed customer satisfaction.

In an effort to enhance the security of the total supply chain of its products, Konica Minolta will also support its trade-related partners to acquire AEO certifications.

Konica Minolta will endeavor to strengthen its office equipment business operation in European Market through streamlining the logistics system based on the effective and stable supply-chain management. Our new European Distribution Center launched in July 2008 in Emmerich, Germany and the first AEO certification acquired this time are some of the examples of improving our logistics.

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