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Konica Minolta Certified as Top Level Site with Initiatives to Reduce CO2 Emissions
- Tokyo Site Hachioji Singled Out as the Only New Certification in Factory Sub-sector in FY2011 -

Tokyo (February 23, 2012) – Konica Minolta is pleased to announce that Konica Minolta Tokyo Site Hachioji (Tokyo Site Hachioji) has been certified as Top Level Site by Tokyo Metropolitan Government under its Environmental Protection Ordinance.

Since the fiscal year 2010 ended March 31, 2011, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched a system to certify office buildings, commercial complex, educational facilities, labs, factories and industrial sites, among others, for their outstanding activities to develop and promote initiatives toward global warming prevention. While large-scale businesses located in Tokyo Metropolis are subject to mandatory reduction in its CO2 emissions, buildings and sites certified as Top Level Site are only subject to a smaller degree of such reduction because of their proven initiatives for energy saving.

In the most recent certification in the fiscal year 2011 ending March 31, 2012, Tokyo Site Hachioji has met the qualification standards for Top Level in the 365-item evaluation in the sector for factories, labs, waterworks, wastes treatment facilities, and so on. Among about 300 industrial sites within Tokyo Metropolis in such sector, Tokyo Site Hachioji is the only site given Top Level Site certification in the factory sub-sector in the fiscal year 2011.

As Konica Minolta Tokyo Site Hino (Hino City, Tokyo), located closely to Tokyo Site Hachioji, was certified as Top Level Site in July 2011 (for the fiscal year 2010), two of Konica Minolta’s primary sites have been recognized as Top Level two consecutive years.

Founded in 1963, Tokyo Site Hachioji accommodates eleven Konica Minolta Group companies. With emphasis on its independence, each of the companies has established its own energy-saving programs. On top of those efforts, Tokyo Site Hachioji has an across-the-board coordination to promote unified activities and make steady progress.
Energy-saving activities at Tokyo Site Hachioji, with 90,966 m2 (979,100 ft2 ) total floor area, includes increasing adoption of highly energy-efficient heating facilities, air-conditioning equipment and lighting equipment, as well as “visualization” of power consumption per equipment or per facility by metering energy use on every power distribution board.

In administering initiatives to reduce green-house gas emissions, the expertise and specialists in the Group have been brought together at Konica Minolta Business Expert, Inc. (Business Expert; headquartered in Hachioji City, Tokyo) and its affiliates. Those specialists comprehensively oversee cross-sectional energy-saving activities from production facilities to power supply facilities so that the Group will benefit from their highly skilled administration. In setting up central monitoring system for heat source facilities, analyzing performance of “visualized” power consumption and following up with practical improvements, the combined experience and insights of Business Expert have been fully utilized.

Under the communication message “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Konica Minolta proposes innovative solutions and creates new values society needs. For global corporate citizen, it is an important challenge to be environmentally considerate through the whole process of businesses and contribute to sustainable growth of society. Going forward, Konica Minolta will continue to develop and promote initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

For Konica Minolta’s environmental activities, please visit //www.konicaminolta.com/about/csr/environment/

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