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Konica Minolta Publishes CSR Report 2012
Giving Shape to Ideas: Innovations for Bringing New Values to Society

Tokyo (October 2, 2012) - Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. (Konica Minolta) has published its CSR Report 2012 (English version) online to inform all of its stakeholders about the Group's corporate social responsibility initiatives:

With CSR at its heart of management, Konica Minolta has been promoting various activities through the Group's businesses in contribution to environmentally friendly initiatives and other efforts for sustainable development of society, while pursuing strong growth. As the first year of Konica Minolta's Medium Term Business Plan, “G PLAN 2013,” fiscal 2011 included CSR endeavors closely knitted in the Group's business development toward enhancement of growth and expansion of business scale.

Facing dynamic changes in society and economy, the Konica Minolta Group aims to be a corporation globally supported and needed, by speedily identifying new values required by society and offering solutions to address challenges for customers and communities. The communication message “Giving Shape to Ideas,” newly introduced in September 2011, tells the Group's firm commitment to share challenges with the customers and society and turn its breakthrough innovations into solutions based on the technological expertise and problem-solving capabilities it fostered over the years.

Focusing on “Giving Shape to Ideas,” CSR Report 2012 features various cases that embody innovative ideas leading to new solutions for problems the customers and society face in the broad scope of the Group's worldwide businesses.

In the international challenge of environmental protection, Konica Minolta's long-term environmental vision, Eco Vision 2050, declares the Group's intention to reach certain goals by the year 2050 to fulfill its responsibility as a global corporation by contributing to a sustainable earth and human societies. To achieve this vision, Konica Minolta has established its Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015, setting specific measures to implement with 2015 as the target year. Each business company is taking an array of measures to achieve its stipulated target.

Along with the progress report of the medium-term environmental plan, CSR Report 2012 highlights three Green Activities that support the medium-term plan: the Green Products Certification System; the Green Factory Certification System; and the Green Marketing activities. A specific case study of these activities within the Business Technologies Business is also featured in the report.

CSR Report 2012, which consists of the booklet and website pages, was created with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006. With the external assurance, the report meets the GIR application level B+.

Going forward, Konica Minolta will continue to drive CSR initiatives toward development of sustainable society and disclose information to global stakeholders in a timely manner.

For additional information on Konica Minolta's CSR and environmental efforts, visit //www.konicaminolta.com/about/csr/

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