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Konica Minolta Wins “Eco Mark Award 2012” Bronze Prize
-- Comprehensive Environmental Footprint Reduction Initiatives Implemented throughout Color MFPs' Product Life Cycle --

Tokyo (January 11, 2013) - Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. (Konica Minolta BT) today announced that the company is awarded with “Eco Mark Award 2012” Bronze Prize by the Japan Environmental Association.

Eco Mark Award 2012 Established in 2010, Eco Mark Award honors the best efforts for promoting environmentally-friendly products such as Eco Mark certified products, helping consumers make environmentally-conscious choice of products and contributing to sustainable society through corporations' efforts to improve environmental performance.

Konica Minolta BT is awarded Eco Mark Award 2012 Bronze Prize for environmental footprint reduction initiatives throughout the life cycle of its color MFPs (multi-functional peripherals) bizhub C series (including C754, C654 and C554). This is the first time that an MFP manufacturer is awarded Bronze Prize. The award ceremony is scheduled on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 during Eco Mark Communication Forum at Tokyo Women's Plaza.

Recognizing its potential to make a contribution to the solution of environmental problems by developing innovative technologies that lead to improved environmental performance, the Konica Minolta Group set its long-term environmental vision, “Eco Vision 2050,” which looks all the way out to the 2050, and the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015, which established major objectives and specific goals to be implemented by the target year of fiscal 2015. The Group has committed itself to the “Three Green Activities,” consisting of “Green Products Certification System,” “Green Factory Certification System,” and “Green Marketing Activities,” that will help it reach these goals.

At the start of the product planning of the bizhub C series, Konica Minolta BT made it mandatory to obtain certification of Eco Mark and other environmental certification labels across the world. In addition, the bizhub C754/C654/C554/C454/C364/C284/C224 have been certified as “Green Products Plus (GPplus)” that achieve the industry's top environmental performance in Konica Minolta's own Green Products Certification System. Aiming to achieve higher environmental performance, Konica Minolta BT has been heavily investing in research and development. For example, power consumption levels have decreased by achieving fixation at a lower temperature through improvement of the polymerized toner used in earlier models and improving the heat generation efficiency of fixing heaters using induction heating technology. Konica Minolta BT has also developed, for the first time in the industry, a recycled plastic by evenly mixing recycled PET* and recycled PC** to create a material that has the required strength and fire-retardant properties to meet safety standards and can be mold injected. This recycled plastic was first used in the bizhub C754 and C654 MFPs, followed by other models. Recycled PET is made from recovered and recycled plastic drinking bottles, and recycled PC is made from recovered and recycled one-gallon jugs from water coolers. The new recycled plastic material makes effective use of existing resources.

At the factory in China, where these color MFPs are manufactured, a company-wide project team was assembled to re-evaluate the environmental initiatives the factory had in place. They implemented various measures, including reviewing the production area layout to improve operating efficiency, installing highly-efficient light fixtures, and introducing reusable cartons for use in packaging procured parts and components. The factory received Level 1 Green Factory certification in November 2011.

Under the Communication Message “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Konica Minolta BT is willing to share challenges its customers face and contribute to the solutions through innovative ideas and actions. Reduction in environmental footprint has been a global challenge and an important theme for Konica Minolta BT's businesses. The company is determined to drive technological breakthroughs, acquire Eco Mark and other environmental labels and further improve customer satisfaction in environmentally-friendly products.

* PET: Polyethylene terephthalate, a type of polyester
** PC: Polycarbonate, a type of thermoplastic resin

bizhub is trademark or registered trademark of Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

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