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Notice on the Issuance of Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)

Company Name: Konica Minolta, Inc.
Representative: Shoei Yamana, President and CEO
Stock Exchange Listing: Tokyo (First Section)
Local Securities Code Number: 4902
Contact: Yuki Kobayashi, General Manager, CSR, Corporate Communications & Branding Division
Tel: (81) 3-6250-2100

Tokyo (September 11, 2014) – On August 27, 2014, Konica Minolta, Inc. ("the Company") decided to offer stock acquisition rights in the form of compensation-type stock options to its directors (excluding outside directors) and executive officers, and today, undetermined part have been fixed as follows:

1. Persons eligible for the allotment of stock acquisition rights, the number of persons, and the number of stock acquisition rights to be allotted:

A total of 1,596 stock acquisition rights will be allotted to a total of 21 persons, with 344 to 3 directors, excluding outside directors, and 1,252 to 18 executive officers. It should be noted that 4 of the 18 executive officers concurrently serve as directors.

2. Total number of the stock acquisition rights:


3. Type and number of shares underlining the stock acquisition rights:

The type of shares underlining the stock acquisition rights shall be the Company's common stock, and the number of shares issued upon the exercise of each stock acquisition right ("the number of shares granted") is 100. (The total number of shares for the 1,596 stock acquisition rights as stated in the (2) above amounts to 159,600 shares.)
However, if the Company splits or consolidates its common stock (including allotting shares of the Company's common stock free of charge), the number of shares granted shall be adjusted by the following formula, and any fraction less than one share resulting from adjustment will be rounded down to the nearest one whole share.

Post-adjustment number of shares granted = Pre-adjustment number of shares granted x the stock split or consolidation ratio

In addition to the above, if unavoidable circumstances necessitate an adjustment to the number of shares granted, it shall be adjusted to the extent reasonable.

4. Amount to be paid in exchange for stock acquisition rights:

106,700 yen in exchange for one stock acquisition right (1,067 yen per share)

5. Amount of property to be provided as contribution upon the exercise of stock acquisition rights:

100 yen per stock acquisition right
(1 yen per share)

Note: For more details of the stock acquisition rights other than the above, please refer to the "Notice on the Allotment of Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)" as announced on August 27, 2014

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