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Konica Minolta launches Managed Content Services globally to change the game for our customers

Tokyo (October 3, 2014) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced the launch of a global Managed Content Services (MCS) program. Konica Minolta’s MCS is tailored to individual digital workflow of customers aiming to increase their operating efficiency. Through this program, Konica Minolta targets revenues of 10 billion yen in three years.


Under its Medium Term Business Plan "TRANSFORM 2016," business expansion by increasing capabilities to provide services and solutions is one of Konica Minolta's major management policies. The capabilities Konica Minolta launches today is to manage and utilize exponentially growing business contents by combining software and MFPs (multi-functional peripherals) as the input/output devices. Through Konica Minolta's MCS, the MFPs become a part of customer’s day-to-day business process and consequently increase the number of the company’s MFPs as well as print volume.

VALUE Konica Minolta OFFERS

Managing and utilizing business contents is the major issue across industries. For example, business document did not reach the right people at the right time. Accounting staff cannot track down the orders, invoices, reports and back-up correspondence they need. Mobile workforce has limited time and place to communicate and collaborate. Employees are overwhelmed with paperwork and piled up emails in the inboxes. Security compliance requirements keep the managers awake at night.

Konica Minolta’s MCS addresses all these challenges by streamlining and optimizing business process around the contents.

Capture, reformat and retrieve documents more quickly to speed the workflow.
Scan, save and share documents electronically, reducing paper and energy cost.
Organize and categorize document workflow so everyone stays up in the loop from anywhere at any time.
Safeguard sensitive information, respond to changing compliance demands.

With over ten years of experience through its Optimized Print Services (OPS), Konica Minolta has been offering consultancy, implementation of infrastructure and managed services. Nearly 6,000 customers worldwide have their processes optimized with regards to the handling and utilization of information through OPS. Now Konica Minolta completes its portfolio by creating the requirements for information management with technologies and MCS solutions integrated in day-to-day business processes. This promotes Konica Minolta’s mission as an expert in technological innovation and the creation of business services for our customers along the entire document life cycle.

Konica Minolta MCS portfolio will be optimized for global as well as local, and will be available through our global network that serves our global customers.

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Gartner, "Managed Content Services' Time Has Come" Ken Weilerstein et al, 15 July 2013
According to Gartner, "MCS is a comprehensive package that rationalizes, streamlines and optimizes business communications by providing customers with consultative help, software and implementation. It provides a suitable business model to solve the problems that are too small and isolated to get the attention of large content management projects, and delivers it to organizations and departments that lack the skills and focus to construct their own solutions. In the early stages of maturation, it is tightly coupled with MPS and focuses on communications inside of the organization."

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