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March 2, 2003

Konica's Innovative New One-Time-Use Camera Delivers Stunning Detail, Even in Backgrounds


Tokyo (March 2, 2003) - Konica Corporation announces introduction of an innovative high-performance one-time-use camera, Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800 at the PMA 2003 being held from March 2 to 5, in Las Vegas, USA.

This high-end addition to the popular Konica FiLM-iN one-time-use camera series takes performance and picture quality to a new unprecedented level. The new Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800 features Konica's unique new technology to automatically change aperture, which is linked with flash switch, to deliver the optimal flash lighting to capture brighter and more detailed backgrounds.

The flashlight reaches as far as 5 meters, so that together with the automatic aperture changer and the incorporated ISO800 high-speed film, it is suitable especially for indoor shots to capture the whole atmosphere of the scenes.
Convenience and easy-to-use were the greatest advantages of the single-use cameras. In addition, with the new FiLM-iN, you can always capture one rank higher pictures at family gatherings and home parties which does not disappoint your expectations.

Main features of the Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800

  1. Brighter and detailed backgrounds in flash shots

    For this high-end one-time-use camera, Konica introduced unique automatic aperture changer linked with flash switch. With this new technology, optimal flash lighting can be attained to capture brighter and more detailed backgrounds.

  2. Longer flash reach and quicker flash charge

    The new FiLM-iN comes with brighter flash, which reaches as far as 5 meters to depict background clearly. The flash itself charges quickly to enable to take pictures in quick succession.

  3. Brilliant depiction of images

    Incorporating Konica's superb CENTURIA SUPER 800 film, noted for fine granularity, the new FiLM-iN can capture detailed images, allowing backgrounds to come out bright and brilliantly.

  4. Noiseless winding for discreet shooting

    Featuring a new and quieter film winding mechanism, Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800 enables you to take discreet pictures in any situation.

  5. Environmental Considerations

    From the initial planning and development stages of new products Konica integrates measures that consider the environment. For example, to reduce the environmental impact, Konica is aggressively converting to use lead-free solder in the flash units for the new FiLM-iNs.

Major Specifications of the "Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800"
Film type 135 size ISO800
No. of exposures 27 exposures
Lens F=30mm, F6.7/12.3
Focus range 1m - ∞
Flash range 1m - 5m
Dimensions 110.4 x 54.4 x 33.7mm
Weight 93g (27exp)

Notice to U.S. Investors

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