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Simultaneous multi-layer coating technology

Technology to simultaneously generate multiple coated layers

Konica Minolta has accumulation of technologies to generate coating layers at a uniform precision in nano-order developed in manufacturing of silver halide films. Owing to know-how of these technologies, it is possible to give characteristics according to a use such as photo-sensitivity, heat-sensitivity or ink absorption to the surface of materials including various types of film sheets, glass plate or metal. The technology to coat a uniformly thin layer containing functional fine-grains or functional materials at a high rate is playing an active part in manufacturing of consumer goods and production goods in various fields, including manufacturing of functional films.

Special features of simultaneous multi-layer coating technology

To improve productivity, it is necessary to coat plural layers (10 or more layers) simultaneously at a high rate, without coating one layer at a time. To realize such high rate and stable production, various peripheral technologies are combined such as technologies for optimization of physical properties of solutions and for simulation of hydrodynamics, a technology for designing a coating apparatus for realizing uniformity in coating width direction and rectified flow (uniform flow), the technology to make a precision coating apparatus that requires micron-order finish, high speed and uniform drying technology and the technology of automatic coating failure detection of a nondestructive type.

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