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Guided by our management philosophy, "The Creation of New Value," Konica Minolta Group have developed a number of cutting-edge proprietary technologies based on our core imaging technologies amassed over years of our R&D efforts, and have pursued businesses in the fields of office equipment, optical components, medical imaging products and measuring instruments. In our efforts to achieve further growth, we are also striving to expand our existing business domains and operations, while attempting to enter new business fields by taking advantage of our core technologies. As our new growth areas, we are focusing on the "environment and energy" and "health, safety and security." Additionally, we have formulated and been promoting a group-wide technological strategy based on our management strategy, with a view to facilitating Group's strong growth and encouraging technological innovations.
This group-wide technological strategy has three basic policies -- creating new value by upgrading, combining and integrating our core technologies; promoting technological development to achieve the goals of our Medium-Term Environmental Plan; and ensuring R&D capabilities with the world's highest quality standards.
Along with the group-wide technological strategy, we defined 12 core technologies in four business areas -- materials, optics, nano-fabrication, and imaging. We are promoting creation of new value by upgrading these core technologies, and further combining and integrating them. Specifically, we are developing the world's first organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting manufactured by coating process, on the basis of our state-of-the-art organic materials synthesis technology, optical design technology, and film-making and coating technologies, which have been nurtured over the years of experience in photosensitive materials, lenses, and films manufacturing.
We share the recognition that technological development has reached a new turning point in the wake of the so-called, "Lehman Shock". In order to better meet the demands of the times, Konica Minolta will continue concerted efforts toward strengthening and expediting its technological development capabilities in the environmental concerns, hiring and training employees with global leadership skills, and aggressively fostering strategic partnerships. In doing so, we wish to accelerate the creation of innovations.

Kunihiro Koshizuka
Senior Executive Officer
(Responsible for Technology Strategy)

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