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Pickup lenses for optical disks

Manufacturing technology for small-sized and untra-precision plastic lenses

Lenses manufactured by Konica Minolta are used in various imaging equipment and input and output equipment, such as digital cameras, SLR cameras, optical disc pickups, laser beam printers and projectors

To meet these various needs, we are widely developing advanced lens technologies such as optical system evaluation, processing of dies for molded lenses, molding and coating including optical design, and mechanism design for zoom lenses.

In the field of pickup lenses, among the various fields mentioned above, we have already developed a molded aspheric lens to simplify the conventional 5 glass spherical lenses into one plastic lens in terms of structure. Due to the highly precise and small-sized plastic precision lens, development to various fields such as CD players and mobile equipment is possible, and we are contributing to the spread of those equipment.

Diffraction type optical disc lenses

We are developing and producing diffraction type optical disc lenses which conform to DVDs and CDs, utilizing the technology for untra-precision and aspheric surface plastic lenses. Through this lens, the diffracted light generated by the microscopic zones on the surface of the lens is converged on each disc as a spot. We have also successfully developed an optical disc lens conforming to both the next-generation optical disc and DVD using a blue laser.

Diffraction type DVD/CD compatible optical disc lens

Pickup optical system for DVD player

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