2013 Award Winning Products

Good Design Award 2013

Color Multifunction Printer
[bizhub C554e / C454e / C364e / C284e / C224e]


High evaluation has been given to the interface, particularly the design of display and control panel, that works well in both small and large offices. The display and control panel succeeded the “INFO-Palette” to handle a large number of functions required for MFPs, has bigger and easer-to-see preview display for document print processing, introduces multi-window [design] and touch operations such as drag and drop, and aims at further comfort and higher productivity through intuitive operation. Additionally, the audio has been improved to enable users to select sound to confirm operation, as well as alarm sound.

Digital Color Press
[bizhub PRESS C1070 / C1060 / C1060L]


In addition to the intuitive touch-operation control panel, the systems provide professional operators with mouse operation for controlling fuller lists or tables and setting up greater details. Complex and professional settings have been well combined with simpler and intuitive ones.
The systems have been designed in such a compact size that equipment layout can be optimized in a limited space of the workplace. Additionally, they are also compatible with options from preceding models: for instance, operators can use the tops of options on both ends of the print unit as work space. Those merits have been highly evaluated. Furthermore, the systems are environmentally considerate by reducing power consumption during use through low-temperature toner fixing system and reducing end-of-life carbon emissions with the use of biomass material.

AeroDR Portable Solution
[AeroDR / AeroDR UF Unite / CS-7Potable]


The AeroDR Portable Solution easily upgrades existing porbatle analog X-ray units into digital X-ray units without modifications or overall replacement. It takes on particular significance for early detection of disease and wider availability of early treatment that hospitals, operation rooms and emergency rooms are able to perform digital X-ray on patients easily without a huge initial cost. The DR casette has a very light-weight and robust design, with clear identification of front and back as practical consideration to usability on site. The UF Unit (Portable Retrofit Unit) is thoughtfully made for good portability and easy storage in a visiting car. The tablet PC is designed for use at bedside with unified interface design so that operators will not hesitate what to do. In addition, the clear color coordination among each unit has been highly evaluated for its design integration as a system.


All-in-one Medical Imaging System
[Uitea alfa / AeroDR]


While medical institutions are rapidly adopting information technology, they also face many challenges in data integration among multiple devices and systems. By not only managing diagnostic images but also integrating electronic health record, this system works as advanced all-in-one solution that can centrally manage data of patients.
Making progress as the X-ray diagnostic imaging migrates from analog to digital, Konica Minolta's DR system has constituted achievements in advancing diagnostic accuracy and enhancing productivity with higher image quality, reducing exposure risk of patients and growing efficiency in space. In addition, it has been highly evaluated for offering a complete service as an X-ray diagnostic solution by collaborating with integrated application. The screening committee has also lauded Konica Minolta's tireless efforts to rise to new challenges such as proposals of new values in using tablet devices, while maintaining existing user-interface protocols with emphasis on operability.

Red Dot Design Award 2014Red Rot Design Award 2014 受賞製品

Color Multifunction Printer
[bizhub C554e / C454e / C364e / C284e / C224e, bizhub C3850 / C3350]

Based on the new-generation design concept “INFO-Palette,” the award-winning bizhub-series MFPs aim to meet diversifying office work style and create value for customers. As a result, the winning products have realized intuitive user interface design that is easy to operate multiple functions. The large, easy-to-see 9-inch control panel for the bizhub C554e series and the 7-inch control panel for the bizhub C3850 series adopt unified interface that seamlessly works on MFPs and mobile devices. The entire product design has pursued Konica Minolta’s design philosophy for Business Technologies products: Smart and Comfortable. The endeavors include Konica Minolta’s signature stylish coloring of black and white across the series models, aesthetic form factor that flexibly fits various types of office layout, and universal design with ease of use for a wide range of end-users.