2015 Award Winning Products

Good Design Award 2015

Monochrome Multifunction Printer, Smart Phone Application
[bizhub 367 / 287 / 227, bizhub Remote Access]


As the collective design concept for bizhub series MFPs, “INFO-Palette” is utilized. Since user contact points are concentrated to symbolic white-plate motif on the MFPs’ front side, its contrast to the black body is intuitively recognized by users as operation and control component.
Regarding accessibility, remote operation from mobile devices that are used on daily basis, easiness to hold grip of paper cassette from upper and lower side, color universal design including screen display, and comfortable flick operations are thoughtfully designed for various office workers.
Hardware and software are designed in a wholly balanced manner.

Machine Design Award 45th第45回機械工業デザイン賞 受賞製品

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

<Overall evaluation>

Demand for “point-of-care” service, in which physicians directly provide diagnostic care and treatment in an outpatient, hospital room, emergency, or natural disaster site setting, is growing in the area of ultrasonic imaging. The product, which is designed to provide the expected level of patient value, delivers picture quality that rivals high-end systems despite its compacts size and ease of use. It offers a high level of competitiveness thanks to features such as (1) a display that highlights paracentesis needles without depending on the angle of the needle's tip (B mode) and (2) functionality for automatically measuring intima-media thickness (IMT). The probe, which distinguishes the product by offering benefits for both physicians and patients, exhibits an especially high level of refinement in terms of the attention paid to stowability, shape, materials, surface finish, and other characteristics that yield excellent feel.