2021 Award Winning Products

Good Design Award 2021

Gas Monitoring Solution​


Using a wireless network, VS1 is easy to install and can be used with minimal access to the isolated contaminated zone, thus helping to protect healthcare workers and reduce the risk of nosocomial infections. The body of the system is cleverly designed, allowing users to easily move and clean the system and insert and remove the probes. The simple form and subdued colors make the system suitable for keeping in a patient’s room, and give users a sense of reliability and security, which is important for any monitoring equipment. The graphical user interface on the monitor and control screens is easy to understand and makes the system more user-friendly.

VS1 Patient Monitoring System


With the aging of plant equipment, the ability to visualize dangers invisible to the human eye will become increasingly important for plant maintenance. This is driving demand for cameras and image sensors that can see better than the human eye and can visualize various situations imperceptible to humans. The user interface superimposed on the visualized image also enables even less skilled and experienced workers to do maintenance work properly, helping to solve the worsening labor shortage.

German Design Award 2022 WinnerGerman Design Award 2022 Winner

A3 Color Multifunction Printer
[bizhub C360i/C300i/C250i]

<Statement of the jury>

The devices of the latest generation of multifunction printers from Konica Minolta convince with even more performance, functions and ease of use, which reflects the modern and well thought-out design from the housing to the user interface down to the last detail.

Color Multifunction Printer Series
[bizhub C4050i/C3350i]

<Statement of the jury>

The modern multifunction printers »bizhub C3350i« and »C4050i« from Konica Minolta provide more space in the room due to their extremely compact design and at the same time convince with a maximum of user-friendliness, power and performance.

Color Production Printer
[AccurioPress C14000/C12000]

<Statement of the jury>

The design of the »AccurioPress C14000« series from Konica Minolta appears very modern and pleasantly compact due to the closed fronts and the puristic surfaces, whereby the system is even more striking due to the color separation of the main device.