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Konica Minolta to Open Planetarium Theaters with Japan’s First LED Dome System in Nagoya and Yokohama
Openings are Scheduled for the Autumn of 2021 and Spring of 2022

March 15, 2021

Tokyo (March 15, 2021)—Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd. (Konica Minolta) today announced that it will open planetarium theaters with DYNAVISION®-LED, Japan’s first LED dome system, in Nagoya in the autumn of 2021 and in Yokohama in the spring of 2022.

As a world-leading all-around planetarium manufacturer, Konica Minolta has been installing planetariums throughout Japan since 1958 when the company completed the first Japan made planetarium. Operating planetarium theaters in Japan by itself, Konica Minolta is the only planetarium manufacturer that directly manages planetarium theaters.

The two new theaters, to be directly operated by Konica Minolta, represent the culmination of the know-how the company has gained through years of experience in the planetarium industry. The expertise encompasses the dome design, equipment development, facility management and show production. These theaters also employ DYNAVISION®-LED, which is Japan’s first LED dome system, and Connected Dome, a new platform-based service combined with network and cloud services. The company is confident that these planetarium theaters will serve as popular entertainment facilities, as showrooms that will encourage the introduction of digital transformation (DX) in the planetarium industry, and for various other purposes with their versatility and ability to give an overwhelming sense of presence to audiences.

Outline of New Planetariums


NameTo be determined
OpeningAutumn of 2021 (scheduled)
VenueNoritake-no-Mori Project (tentative name) area in Nagoya City (Japan)
Seating capacityApprox. 170 people (scheduled)
Construction and operation Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.


NameTo be determined
OpeningSpring of 2022 (scheduled)
VenueYokohama Gate Tower in Yokoyama City (Japan)
Seating capacityApprox. 170 people (scheduled)
Construction and operationKonica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.

More details about the new planetarium theaters, including their facilities, operation policy and names, will be announced as soon as determined.


Unlike the conventional projector-based dome system widely used today, DYNAVISION®-LED, an LED dome system to be introduced in the new planetarium theaters, produces images by using LED elements that emit light by themselves.
Characterized by higher luminance and wider color gamut, the system can reproduce highly realistic and beautiful starry skies of unprecedented quality.

Panel of the LED dome system in part

Konica Minolta’s Directly-operated Planetarium Theaters

Konica Minolta has engaged in every aspect of the planetarium business, from the development and manufacturing of optical planetariums and digital full-dome systems to show production and facility construction and management, and has been offering products and services tailored to the size and program content of planetarium facilities for various purposes ranging from education to entertainment.

Konica Minolta opened its first directly-operated planetarium theater, Konica Minolta Planetarium MANTEN in 2004, followed by Konica Minolta Planetarium TENKU in 2012 and KONICA MINOLTA PLANETARIA Tokyo in 2018. In addition to these three directly-operated planetarium theaters in TOKYO, Konica Minolta also operates a dome theater (planetarium) in the Fukuoka City Science Museum.

Konica Minolta Planetarium MANTEN
in Sunshine City
Konica Minolta Planetarium TENKU

DYNAVISION is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd in Japan.

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