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Konica Minolta Certifies On-Demand MPM-ECO Delivery Service of Kinko’s Japan as a Sustainable Solution
Shorter Delivery Distance Reduces CO2 Emissions by 66.7%

January 21, 2022

Tokyo (January 21, 2022) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that the company has certified the new on-demand MPM-ECO Delivery Service (MPM-ECO Delivery Service) offered by its group company, Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd. (Kinko’s Japan), as a Sustainable Solution.

Kinko’s Japan thus became the first company in the Konica Minolta Group to be awarded certification for its solution under Konica Minolta’s new Sustainable Solutions Certification System.

On-Demand MPM of Kinko’s Japan

The on-demand MPM (Marketing Production Management) system enables cloud-based centralized management of the order handling process and inventory of a large quantity of promotional materials such as brochures and POPs.

This system allows on-demand printing, which means users can print only the quantity needed when necessary and thus avoid excessive use of resources and reduce waste, unlike the conventional style of printing a large quantity of copies by offset printer and holding them in inventory.

Values Offered by the MPM-ECO Delivery Service

Many of the customers of the on-demand MPM service of Kinko’s Japan have branch offices and chain stores in various parts of Japan. The MPM-ECO Delivery Service leverages the nationwide network of Kinko’s Japan stores to establish regional printing bases and deliver printed materials to customers’ branch offices and chain stores from the nearest base, thus shortening the delivery distance. Initially, the MPM-ECO Delivery Service will be offered from the bases in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. Compared to conventional delivery, the MPM-ECO Delivery Service results in shorter lead times and can reduce CO2 emissions by 66.7%.

In rolling out the MPM-ECO Delivery Service, Kinko’s Japan will tie up with printing companies that have installed Konica Minolta’s digital printing system, and deliver printed materials to customers from these companies, as well as from its directly-managed and franchise stores, to minimize the delivery distance. Already, a printing company in Hokkaido that uses Konica Minolta’s digital printing system, AccurioPress, has partnered with Kinko’s Japan. By increasing the number of stores and partner printing companies to serve as its printing bases, Kinko’s Japan aims to carry out printing operations nearer to customers’ sites and further shorten the delivery distance.

Reasons for certifying the MPM-ECO Delivery Service as a Sustainable Solution

Improving fulfillment in work and corporate dynamism・Save labor by automating the process of data production for printing leaflets
・Reduce workload by automating the order handling process
Addressing climate change・Reduce CO2 emissions drastically by minimizing the delivery distance
Using limited resources effectively・Help users reduce waste and inventory by shifting to on-demand printing from the conventional style of printing a large quantity of copies by offset printer and holding them in inventory

Konica Minolta’s Sustainable Solutions Certification System

Konica Minolta launched the Sustainable Solutions Certification System in fiscal 2020 to expand the coverage of the Green Products Certification System which it introduced in 2011 to promote the development of environmentally-friendly products. The new system is designed to certify a broad range of “solutions” in addition to products and services that can help to solve environmental and social issues.

Under this new system, Konica Minolta aims to offer products and services to customers to help them promote DX and support their businesses, while reducing environmental impact by raising operational efficiency.

Through its Sustainable Solutions Certification System, Konica Minolta hopes to contribute to the SDGs and continue sustainable growth together with society as a company trusted and chosen by society.

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