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Green Products Certification System

Overview of the System

Striving to develop highly competitive products that contribute to higher earnings for the company while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of customers and society at large

In operation since fiscal 2011, Konica Minolta’s Green Products Certification System is an original process for evaluating and certifying products with superior environmental performance. The system aims to create environmental value suited to different businesses and product characteristics in order to help customers and society at large reduce environmental impact. While conforming to the standards of environmental labels used in different countries, Konica Minolta introduced its own system, in order to provide products that reduce environmental impact even further.

To be certified as a Konica Minolta Green Product, a product must meet criteria established for different businesses and product characteristics with respect to certification standards tailored to environmental issues. The goals that must be met are set at the product planning stage, and the product is certified at one of three levels based on its degree of achievement.

The Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2016 sets specific targets for increasing certified Green Products’ share of total sales. Working to achieve these targets, Konica Minolta is developing highly competitive products that help customers and society reduce environmental impact while also improving earnings. Simultaneously, the Group is disclosing the environmental performance of certified products in various media, including product catalogues and websites, to educate the public about these efforts.

Sustainable Products (SP) certification standards require that the product not only embody superior environmental performance not typically achieved by earlier products, but also incorporate original technology. While seeking to reduce the environmental impact of all of its products, by setting a very challenging certification level, Konica Minolta aims to promote innovation and contribute more proactively to sustainability.

Results for Fiscal 2015

In fiscal 2015, Konica Minolta placed 35 new models of certified Green Products on the market, bringing the total to 182. Sales of Green Products in fiscal 2015 came to 590.7 billion yen, or 57% of the consolidated net sales. This increase over the figure of 54% (547.1 billion yen) in fiscal 2014 helped customers and society to reduce environmental impact and contributed to earnings growth for Konica Minolta.

Also, in fiscal 2015, Green Products had a CO2 reduction effect during product use of 51.5 thousand tons and represented 27.7 thousand tons in effectively used resources.

Green Product Sales

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