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Sustainable Solutions Certification System

Outline of the Certification System

Konica Minolta has integrated its business strategy and pursuit of sustainable management, and is convinced that true value creation that helps resolve social issues is the foundation for growing its business. To this end, the company is raising the energy-saving functions of its products and helping to reduce CO2 emissions during their use by customers. It is also reforming customers’ manufacturing process and workstyles to create products and solutions that resolve social and environmental issues from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Sustainable Solutions Certification System Konica Minolta launched in fiscal 2020 adds “solutions” to the “products,” which have been the company’s traditional focus. By certifying a broad range of products and services that help to solve environmental as well as social issues, Konica Minolta will create products and solutions in line with the business transition to an “as a service” model. For example, the company is reforming production processes by offering on-demand packages, labels and textile printing solutions digitally, and facilitating digital workplaces that promotes workstyle reform not tied to paper or places, and promoting new businesses that support workflow reform with edge-type IoT solutions. By providing these products and services that encourage customers’ digital transformation, Konica Minolta will support their businesses and also help to reduce environmental impact by driving greater operational efficiency.

Under this system, Konica Minolta has designated certification standard items for each of the environmental and social issues for which it seeks a solution. It sets standards for each of the business and product characteristics and assesses the products that meet these standards with a three-step ranking. This system is designed to promote the creation of products and solutions that reduce environmental impact and help to solve social issues from the perspective of the SDGs.

Adding “solutions” to “products” and shifting to an “as a service” model

Fiscal 2020 Activity Results

In fiscal 2020, Sustainable Solutions sales, including those products and services that were carried over from the Sustainable Green Products Certification System implemented through fiscal 2019, totaled 676.0 billion yen, accounting for 78% of the Group’s total sales.
In addition, improvements in the environmental performance of these products have resulted in a CO2 emissions reduction of 23,700 tons and the effective use of 12,300 tons of resources.
The lineup of new A3 and A4 multifunction printers was completed from fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2020, and made a major contribution to the CO2 reduction effect during customers’ product use.
In fiscal 2021, in line with the new Sustainable Solutions Certification System, Konica Minolta will raise the percentage of sustainable product services of total sales by gradually expanding the certification of products and solutions that help to solve social and environmental issues from an SDG perspective.

Sales of Sustainable Solutions

Sales of Sustainable Solutions

CO2 Reductions Achieved Through Use of KM Products

CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions Reduction Effect During Product Use

Amount of Resources Conserved and Renewable Resources Used due to Use of KM Products

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