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Green Products (product initiatives)

Sustainable Green Products Certification System

Outline of the Certification System

Konica Minolta introduced its original Green Products Certification System in fiscal 2011 to drive the creation of environmental value that matches business and product characteristics. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of customers and society, while also raising profitability. The company has developed many Green Products since the program’s launch.
In fiscal 2017, Konica Minolta began combining optical, image processing, measurement, and other technologies with its strengths in digital technology to create products and services that can help provide solutions to environmental and social challenges based on the SDGs.
Konica Minolta also launched a Sustainable Green Products Certification System.

Fiscal 2019 Activity Results

In fiscal 2019, Konica Minolta aimed to increase the sales of certified products to 770 billion yen, equivalent to 70% of the total sales of the Group. It placed 14 new models of certified Sustainable Green Products on the market, bringing the total to 394. Sales of Sustainable Green Products in fiscal 2019 came to 733.1 billion yen, or 74% of the Group’s total sales.
Due to improved environmental performance, these Sustainable Green Products also had a CO2 emissions reduction effect during product use of 14.8 thousand tons and represented 12.4 thousand tons of effectively used resources.

Green Product Sales

CO2 Emissions Reduction Effect During Product Use

Effective Resource Utilization

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