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Konica Minolta Environmental Policy

The Konica Minolta Group aims to promote sustainable development and profitable growth. We integrate environmental, economic and social perspectives into our business strategies so that our business activities are implemented in harmony with human lives and with the environment in all aspects.
Our concept is to make steady progress toward resolution of environmental challenges based on quantitative measurement and analysis of reliable data in regard to environmental performance and impact. This basic concept is demonstrated in the following affirmation:

"Management Based On Facts"

1.Working toward a sustainable society as a global citizen

In response to the call for a sustainable society, we will conduct business activities from the perspective of on-going enhancement of performance in environmental preservation, economic growth and social responsibilities (ethics). Every one of us will enhance its knowledge and awareness on the environment, economies and societies on a global scale and act with responsibility in pursuit of a sustainable society.

2.Compliance with laws and other requirements

We will comply with legal requirements in respective countries and regions, as well as our Group standards. In addition, we will respect, in an equitable manner, expectations of our stakeholders and consensus in the international community.

3.Consideration for the environment throughout the entire life cycle of products and services

We are committed to reducing the environmental load in all stages throughout the entire life cycle of products and services, recognizing that responsibility for a product rests with its manufacture.

4.Initiatives to counter global warming

We will continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions that derive from our business activities from the perspective of the life cycle of our products and services throughout the entire Group, recognizing that global warming is one of the most important world issues.

5.Initiatives toward a recycling-oriented society

We are always reviewing what we can do as a corporate citizen in order to create recycling-oriented society while striving for minimizing consumption of natural resources and promoting "Zero Waste Emission" activities. In addition, we will accelerate initiatives for the recovery and recycling of end-of-life products and packaging materials.

6.Prevention of chemical pollution and minimization of potential risks to the environment

We will take every countermeasure for preventing chemical pollutions, recognizing that chemical substances can impose significant impact on human health and safety and the environment. At the same time, we will continuously suppress use of chemicals and reduce discharge volume in order to minimize environmental risks.

7.Promotion of information disclosure

We will execute accountability to all the stakeholders by actively disclosing environmental information and ensuring risk communication. We will as well make every effort to accomplish our commitment to the societies. Our Environmental Policy is to be disclosed to the public.

8.Establishment of environmental objectives and targets

We establish and administer environmental objectives, targets, and management programs to translate this Environmental Policy into reality. We will continuously review such objectives, targets and programs for further improvement of our environmental performance.

April 1, 2022
Toshimitsu Taiko
Toshimitsu Taiko
President and CEO
Konica Minolta, Inc.

In order for a company to grow sustainably in the future, it is essential not only to pursue economic value but also to address important issues facing society including environmental problems. Based on the environmental policy, Konica Minolta will continue to reduce environmental impact across the whole product lifecycle, from product development through procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer service and recycling, under the philosophy of “The Creation of New Value.”
In the product lifecycle, we will expand our business by M & A and enter new projects in our business activities, including suppliers, outsourcing partners and customers.
We will also contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing our employees with the necessary educational opportunities so that each and every employee can create environmental and social value as well as economic value through their business activities.

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