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Environmental Management Concept

Expand Business Contributions by Resolving Environmental Problems

Konica Minolta aims to be “a global company that is vital to society, bringing vision to reality,” and “a robust and innovative company, continually evolving and contributing to the sustainable growth of society and individuals.” This will allow Konica Minolta to realize its management philosophy of “the creation of new value.” Konica Minolta practices sustainability and environmental management that integrates efforts to help resolve social and environmental issues with corporate growth. With the understanding that sustainability and environmental initiatives are themselves management strategies, the company believes that their significance lies in integrating to a higher degree the effort for “supporting people to achieve their own purpose“ and “realizing a sustainable society” through its business activities.
Konica Minolta aims to achieve further growth as a global company and to realize a sustainable society. To achieve this vision, it is necessary to identify social challenges as business opportunities and generate innovative solutions, which in turn will drive Konica Minolta’s own sustainable growth.
Konica Minolta's environmental management is based on the concept of growing existing businesses and creating new ones by helping to solve environmental problems such as climate change. The aim is to grow the company and become an enterprise that is vital to the world.
For example, a changeover from the electricity consumed in factories and offices to clean electricity that emits no greenhouse gases (GHG) would incur previously unnecessary costs, such as costs for installing solar panels and other equipment for generating renewable energy-derived electricity, and for purchasing emission credits. In addition, product design and production process innovation are essential for recycling resources and reducing emissions of hazardous substances and could pose a risk of reducing productivity and quality. However, a necessary precondition to achieving a sustainable business, is to create environmental value with no loss of business value. Konica Minolta practices environmental management and views it as a business opportunity to create new business value by maintaining a close connection with stakeholders including customers, suppliers, and society.

Policy of Environmental Management in the Konica Minolta Style

Policy of Environmental Management in the Konica Minolta Style

Creation of Shared Value with Stakeholders

When working to overcome environmental challenges on a global scale, there is a limit to what can be achieved by just one company. This is why it is essential to expand the impact of environmental efforts by working with stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, and local communities.
Konica Minolta is working to develop its business together with the society by contributing to reduce CO2 of society as a whole by collaborating with stakeholders, including business partners and customers.
CO2 reduction activities at Konica Minolta’s suppliers have produced tremendous results. As a result of passing on knowhow for raising environmental and business value to a total of 49 companies up until fiscal 2022, Konica Minolta achieved a CO2 reduction of 21,000 tons and an effective resource utilization of 3,000 tons, which led to a cost reduction equivalent to 600 million yen. Of the 21,000 tons of CO2 reductions, 3,000 tons are reductions achieved from the manufacture of parts and materials procured in-house, and 18,000 tons are reductions in CO2 emissions from the manufacture of parts of materials not procured in-house. The company believes that, by working with its suppliers, it can go beyond its responsibility to support their activities that fulfill their social responsibility and contribute more actively to reducing CO2 emissions on this planet. Moreover, through its sustainable marketing activities started in 2014, Konica Minolta has been providing its own environmental expertise and helping to solve environmental issues of customers who share Konica Minolta’s environmental management, thereby building a relationship of trust and making Konica Minolta to be chosen as a business partner. Through this activity, Konica Minolta has established relationships with more than 500 customer companies.
For example, the company launched a digital environmental platform as a measure to collaborate with more companies. In its sustainable marketing activities, the company is limited to exchanging information only with client companies. However, if environmental information is digitally distributed among the company’s 500 established client companies, participating companies can take their environmental management to a new level. This led Konica Minolta to create the "Environmental Digital Platform," a mechanism for sharing information on environmental management launched in June 2020, which serve as an ecosystem for co-creating environmental management. Konica Minolta aims to make dramatic leaps in boosting the effect this ecosystem has in reducing the environmental impact of the broader society.

Medium-Term Approach to Environmental Activities

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