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Konica Minolta’s Environmental Activities

Overview of Environmental Activities

Overview of Konica Minolta’s Environmental Activities

Green Activities for Resolving Environmental Issues

Konica Minolta used backcasting to identify its vision for 2030, and then defined the actions it should take in the short and medium term. The Group is now carrying out environmental activities to help resolve social and environmental issues across its value chains.

The first, Green Products Activities, are focused on creating solutions to resolve social and environmental issues at the planning and development stages. The second, Green Factory Activities and Carbon Neutral Partner Activities, both help to reduce environmental impact at the manufacturing and procurement stages. The third, Green Marketing Activities, which includes Konica Minolta’s Environmental Digital Platform, help to strengthen relationships with customers and resolve environmental management issues at the sales and service stages.

The Konica Minolta Medium-term Environmental Plan 2025 sets targets and specifies action plans for creating social, environmental, and economic value through each of these activities, and the company is pursuing these efforts accordingly.

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