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Creating Products and Solutions to Solve Social and Environmental Issues
(Sustainable Solution Certification System)

Background and Issues

Given growing concern about environmental and social challenges such as climate change and economic disparity, people’s values are shifting from pursuing material wealth to helping to improve the quality of society. By understanding the evolving values of society and contributing solutions, Konica Minolta is able to continue to provide competitive solutions that enhance its profitability.


While working to provide solutions that help solve challenges faced by customers and society as a whole, Konica Minolta also aims to encourage the widespread adoption of these solutions by broadly promoting their value. By taking initiatives like these, which also contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Konica Minolta strives to help build a sustainable society, earn social confidence, and achieve sustainable growth along with the broader society as a company of choice.
As one key measure to achieve this vision, Konica Minolta has been implementing its Sustainable Solution Certification System since 2020. By defining solutions that help to resolve social and environmental issues, certifying products and services, and using this process to grow sales, the Group is helping to resolve social and environmental issues from an SDG perspective.

Key Measures and KPIs

Reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions achieved by reforming customer business processes

(Unit: thousand tons)

KPI Result Target
Reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of Konica Minolta products 14 25 26 50
Amount of resources saved and recycled through the use of Konica Minolta products 12 12 14 15
Reduction of CO2 emissions of customers, suppliers and broader society (Amount of carbon minus contribution) 578 570 700 640
Reduction of waste discharge of customers 320 320 350 350

Note Reduction amount for each fiscal year due to the measures implemented during medium-term
Note Both targets and results have been revised retroactively to fiscal 2020 figures due to a fiscal 2021 change in the method of calculating effects of measures.

Initiatives in Certification System

Konica Minolta has integrated its business strategy and pursuit of sustainable management, and is convinced that true value creation that helps resolve social issues is the foundation for growing its business. To this end, the company is raising the energy-saving functions of its products and helping to reduce CO2 emissions during their use by customers. It is also reforming customers’ manufacturing process and workstyles to create products and solutions that resolve social and environmental issues from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Sustainable Solutions Certification System that Konica Minolta launched in fiscal 2020 helps the Company create products and solutions in line with its business transition to an “as a service” model, by certifying a broad range of products and services that help to solve environmental as well as social issues..

Under this system, Konica Minolta has designated certification standard items for each of the environmental and social issues for which it seeks a solution. It sets standards for each of the business and product characteristics and assesses the products that meet these standards with a three-step ranking. This system is designed to promote the creation of products and solutions that reduce environmental impact and help to solve social issues from the perspective of the SDGs.

Sustainable Solutions Certification Products

Konica Minolta is expanding the number of certified products by creating sustainable solutions for each of its businesses based on the five material issues identified.
In the Digital Workplace Business, the Company certifies office solutions that help customers improve their workflow and create more productive time, as well as MFPs that have further advanced energy and resource-saving performance.
In the Professional Print Business, the automatic quality optimization unit IQ-501, which contributes to improved work performance at printing sites, and digital printers that improve productivity by transforming work processes from analogue to digital and contribute dramatically to energy and resource use reduction, are certified as sustainable solutions that address material issues.
In the Healthcare Business, the Company develops sustainable solutions such as genetic testing solutions and compact, lightweight digital X-ray devices that contribute to patient health and quality of life through the early detection of diseases. In the Industry Business, it creates sustainable solutions such as HitomeQ Care Support, which contributes to improved productivity and time saving at nursing care sites, and gas-monitoring solutions, which prevent greenhouse gas leaks and contribute to safety and security at sites.

  Digital Workplace Business Professional Printing Business Healthcare Business Industry Business
Improving fulfillment in work and corporate dynamism >Office solutions ・IQ-501
>Production printers
・Textile printers
  >Nursing care solutions
Supporting healthy, high-quality living     >Genetic testing technologies
>Digital X-ray system / Diagnostic ultrasound system
Ensuring social safety and security       >Gas monitoring solution
Addressing climate change ・MFPs >Production printers
・Textile printers
  >Gas monitoring solution
Using limited resources effectively ・MFPs >Production printers
・Textile printers
>Digital X-ray system / Diagnostic ultrasound system ・Spectrophotometer / Luminance meter
・Functional materials
・Ultra-thin TAC films
・IJ Components
Sales Total: 705 billion yen

Fiscal 2021 Activity Results

In fiscal 2021, Sustainable Solutions sales, including those products and services that were carried over from the Sustainable Green Products Certification System implemented through fiscal 2019, totaled 705.0 billion yen, accounting for 77% of the Group’s total sales.
In addition, improvements in the environmental performance of these products have resulted in a CO2 emissions reduction of 25.2 thousand tons and the effective use of 11.8 thousand tons of resources.
In fiscal 2022, in line with the new Sustainable Solutions Certification System, Konica Minolta will raise the percentage of sustainable product services of total sales by gradually expanding the certification of products and solutions that help to solve social and environmental issues from an SDG perspective.

Sales of Sustainable Solutions

CO2 Reductions Achieved Through Use of Konica Minolta Products
[Thousand tons]

Amount of Resources Conserved and Renewable Resources Used Through Use of Konica Minolta Products
[Thousand tons]

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