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Using Information and Communication Technology to Find Nursing Care Solutions for Problems Faced by a Super-Aged Society

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Increasing nursing care workload is intensifying physical and mental stress for staff

The number of people needing nursing care in Japan has continued to grow in recent years. Due to a shortage of care workers, workloads have increased for individual caregivers in nursing care facilities. As these caregivers also need to be constantly on alert for unexpected incidents, the increase in their mental stress has become a major concern.

Konica Minolta's Innovation

Care Support Solution contributes to improving nursing care workflow

Konica Minolta offers the Care Support Solution, which transforms nursing care workflows, in order to free nursing care staff from heavy workloads resulting in physical and mental stress.
This system detects certain resident behaviors using near infrared cameras installed on the ceiling along with sensors that detect movement, and then notifies nursing care staff through their smartphones. Since the system makes it possible to know when residents have awoken, gotten out of bed, fallen or activated the nurse call button, it helps the staff to determine the best response method after understanding the situation. Since smartphones are used to keep nursing care records and share information among staff in real time, the system reduces the amount of walking required in a large facility, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of work. Additionally, since the system makes it possible to extract and record what happened before, during, and after a fall accident involving a resident, the causes and proper response measures can be investigated at an early stage, while also providing a sense of security for nursing staff and the resident's family members.
The facility where this solution was introduced reported an average efficiency improvement of 30% for nursing care staff. The extra time that the system saves nursing staff can now be used to enhance resident self-sufficiency, such as rehabilitation assistance. It can also be used for education and training for nursing staff and for general administrative work. This has improved the satisfaction of residents and staff.
In addition to workflow transformation in nursing care facilities, Konica Minolta is focusing on home care. Going forward, the company will analyze behavior data involving elderly individuals and home nursing caregivers. By linking home medical support and lifestyle support with optimum timing, Konica Minolta will be able to help realize more efficient home nursing care. This will help create a society where the elderly can feel secure about the nursing care they receive.

Main Functions of the Care Support Solution
Main Functions of the Care Support Solution

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