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Revolutionizing the Visual Inspection Process of Automobiles - Automatic Visual Inspection System

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Automatic Visual Inspection System


Improvement and stabilization of automotive visual inspection quality, and labor saving

Konica Minolta's Solution

Tunnel-type automatic inspection technology automates the inspection of paint defects and the flush & gap of car bodies. AI data analysis enables detailed classification and analysis of defects as well as automatic correction.

The need for automation of automotive production lines is increasing due to protracted labor shortages. Notably, visual cosmetic inspection to check the paint and the flush & gap of car bodies still relies heavily on visual human inspection, so improving and stabilizing inspection accuracy and labor saving are significant issues.
The Konica Minolta Group has combined its traditional strength in color measurement and control of the car exterior with the automotive inspection technology of Eines Systems, a leading auto visual inspection company that joined the Group in 2019, to enable automatic quality inspection, root cause analysis of line defects, and automatic correction of paint defects. The tunnel-type paint defect inspection system and the flush & gap inspection system enable automated non-contact inspection in automotive production lines. The paint defect inspection system can even detect defects as small as the diameter of mechanical pencil lead. It can also classify and analyze paint defects in detail with the aid of AI data analysis.
In addition to improving inspection accuracy and efficiently allocating inspectors, the system reduces quality loss by tracing the results of defect analysis back to the cause of the defect and making improvements. It also utilizes the acquired defect data for traceability and factory DX, thereby contributing to the automation of not only visual inspection but also the entire factory.
Konica Minolta currently holds the top position of the global market for tunnel-type inspection systems for paint cosmetic inspection and flush & gap measurement and is working to further disseminate its system. Konica Minolta will also contribute to manufacturing lines for electric vehicles (EVs), which are expected to spread and evolve, with its wide variety of inspection know-how and technologies.