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Sustainability Targets and Results

Konica Minolta has set indicators in line with its material issues based on the medium-term management plan, and uses them to manage progress.

Initiatives in the Medium-term Sustainability Plan 2022 (FY2020-FY2022)

In 2030, Konica Minolta defined the social and environmental issues it should address, and used backcasting to identify five material issues (priority issues) to tackle in 2020: Improving fulfillment in work and corporate dynamism; Supporting healthy, high-quality living; Ensuring social safety and security; Addressing climate change; and Using limited resources effectively. For each of these issues, visions for 2030 were also established, thereby clarifying Konica Minolta's medium and long-term directions for value creation.

Under the Medium-term Management Plan DX2022 (FY2020-FY2022), a Medium-term Sustainability Plan 2022 was established, and targets and action plans to create social and environmental value and economic value in line with these five new material issues were also formulated. Konica Minolta regularly reports on the sustainability targets addressed during the Medium-term Management Plan’s duration and the progress of these activities.

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Initiatives in the Medium-term Management Plan SHINKA2019 (FY2017-FY2019)

Under the Medium-term Management Plan SHINKA2019 (FY2017-FY2019), sustainability targets and action plans in line with materiality were set and activities pursued. The company regularly reports on the sustainability targets and the results of these activities during the three-year term of this medium-term plan.

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